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  1. Christians and Catholics say chicken, so I guess I will have to say chicken too... but it does make sense that the egg came first than the chicken, I never thought about the evolutions and all that. :3
  2. I want a pet, but My parents say taking care of one is too much work so I can't have one!!!! I also want them to stop bossing me around every second of my day DX
  3. I am afraid of any kind of bugs, pretty or not. I really hate answering the phone unless it is my mom or relative... I one fell off the monkey bars and broke my collar bone, and it was my RIGHT one and I was right handed DX. I am also afraid of ghosts (don't laugh please....) and being alone in the dark unless I am sleeping. I also get the creeps that someone is always behind me waiting for the moment to get me *_*; So those are my basic fears I read the first few posts, and I think I will keep watch for Earwings now... but other than that I am not afraid of anything else. Not afraid
  4. I have caught Reshiram and Kurym and the three muskateers and Victini for no good reason
  5. I really an annoyed by this guy in my class who thinks he is the best person in the world...me and my friends agreed that he thinks he is the Sun and we are all the Planets...everything revolving around him I am also annoyed when little kids come up and start bothering me
  6. There is no snow where I live in the USA
  7. I like horses and I want to ride them but Mom and Dad doesnot let me they think they are stinky :-(
  8. Hmm...strange usually these days my weird dreams are just me flying around the school
  9. I don't have any super weird dream that I remember, but once I had this kind of weird dream about all of my classmates crashed into my house and started chasing me O_O I woke up confused...
  10. When people start taking and talking about something they love and i don't really find interesting. I really get annoyed with hypocrites there are some in my class... When people ignore me that happens a lot in the computer.
  11. I think bats, snails (yeah them too), lizards and frogs are cute creepy crawlys. I don't like spiders with long legs, if that counts as a srawly.
  12. I LOVE CATS! But Mom unfoutunatley dislikes them so we can't have one. Cats are one of my favorite animals in the world!
  13. Umm lets see, you need 2 chickens to lay at least one eggs right? Because tere needs to be one male and one female, so um...I don't know which came first it is confusing