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♥I willing to breed some of mine on request. :) See my profile for more infomations and rules, and PM me. Locked♥♥I'm always seeking CB Winters135677495846503312.pngDoubleGoldstar5.pngARK2-1.gif135631797619212608.png

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    ♥♥Breeding request♥♥ [Locked]

    I willing to breed

    - Part 1
    「All,but except Gold,Silver,Tinsel,Holiday」
    Please, don't ask me to breed metallic,holiday! (Fail is okay)

    - Part 2
    「Fail from CB metallics,Tinsel」

    - Part 3
    「Egg from some of my event dragons.
    *Holly&Bright pink - http://dragcave.net/lineage/4ElZE
    *Sweetling&Bright pink - http://dragcave.net/lineage/nYPgQ
    *Yulebuck&Bright pink - http://dragcave.net/lineage/2YXbM」
    Feel free to PM me, but remember, polite!
    I'll bite ALL RUDE PM.

    There are several rules.

    1. Don't Kill, Release, Trade, Freeze, Bite, Abandon, Zombie.
    2. If you want to gift it to another person, PM me with giftee's scroll ID and purpose of gifting.
    3. Check your scroll before asking to make sure your scroll isn't hidden/adult hidden.
    4. Please take the egg within 1 day. Or, I'll throw it to AP and cancel that request.
    5. Don't use this request to end your IOU!!! :(
    6. If someone ignore this rules or ask no-asking-list , I'll write the name down on blacklist.