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  1. Have: CB WitchLight CB Desipis Want: 2G Marrow (from male Red Copper) 2G Witchlight (from Rosebud) 2G SW (from male Red Copper) Please PM, eggs are on cooldown.
  2. I traded 4 Shadow Walkers for a CB Black, when they were released because I was new and CB Black were rare back then. I can correct the biggest mistake of my DC life ;.;
  3. Another Carina line: https://dragcave.net/lineage/IFnZ3
  4. This is my first Carina lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/NyifH
  5. I'll be hunting for the Marrow pairing come Halloween. They also look good with Desipis: click
  6. I love the colours on Carinas, and I hope to make a lineage with them Khusa suprised me... they have an original design and look a bit like Holiday dragons... very nice.
  7. Beatiful eggs... I'm hyped for Nebula hybrids... <3
  8. Natli -> Pryanka | MONARCH from HEARTSEEKER | https://dragcave.net/lineage/LY3h1 | accepted
  9. If we are talking about changes, Crimson Flare Pygmies are regular Pygmies now: This used to be Crimson Flare They used to be undead Pygmy Wyverns.
  10. Huh... so that's a Two-Headed Leviathan then? Another set to collect...
  11. I donated! natli -> Gealach: 3G Almandine from Shadow Walker checker (accepted) I donated! natli -> Seahorse: 2G Black Tea from Cavern Lurker (accepted) I donated! natli -> Dragonwolf: 2G Black from Lurker (accepted)
  12. I got 2/10 adults today. I'm waiting with hatchies till Halloween since the success rate has dropped for me. edit: My toombstones disappeared almost immediately o.o
  13. I want to be removed from a list! Forum name: natli Breed requested: 2G Mageia from Sweetling Requester's Form Forum name: natli PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 2g Monarch from regular Sweetling, mate for this Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: natli PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 2G Astrapi from Mageia x Enraged Aegis, like this (Aegis has to be from Alpine) Secret field: No holiday requests! Requester's Form Forum name: natli PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 2G Gaia from Solstice x Thalassa (example), hint: it helps if your Solstice is from the Jungle Secret field: No holiday requests! I donated! natli-> marienine: 3g White from Yule (accepted) I donated! natli-> lovecats99: 2g Kingcrowne from Lurker (accepted)
  14. 'Pink' is much easier to say than 'bluish lilac' lol
  15. Name/Rename all my dragons with a separate theme for every breed (I think I'm 1/3 done) Finish my lineage projects Obtain all holiday mates Get one more 2G Holiday Spriter Alt Win a Prize in a Rafle (lol right) Get back to making Neglecteds
  16. I like the new avaliable options and the interface is better... I'm still waiting for my signature and profile info to load... it's strange that only half of it is gone.
  17. Count me in! Username: natli Proof of breeding: Screenshot: Click Post: click Dragon: https://dragcave.net/lineage/buvQS
  18. This is insane! 17 hacthies and 0 zombies. 10 adults and 1 zombie 1/27 attempts?!
  19. The description makes me wonder if together they summon something else...
  20. I like the blue, and white one the best... The all look like little machines though...
  21. This is awesome. I can't get over the fact that I can catch eight dragons now. Updated filters mean so much less clicking, yay. New BSA is very useful, I have a bunch of Whites from an abandoned breeding project. I'm glad I didn't release them. I'm ok with monthly Raffles, and that's it really lol. I have so many negative memories about Raffles... too bad the HM didn't make a come back. Groups are a great idea, thank you for making this. They just need a few tweaks, is all
  22. My problem is that you can't remove a dragon after you've created a group. Custom sort would naturally solve that though
  23. I killed 5 adults in preparation for 31st, and all died on first try... no dodgers o.o
  24. I donated! natli -> Gealach: 2G Blue Lunar from Cavern Lurker (accepted)