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  1. Thank you @Uther_Pendragon for this Grave Thank you @ahreada for this Pumpkin (Pumpkin x Mimic is the new black) and thank you to @Shinypants for this Grave (I wouldn't have thought of this pairing but it looks interesting)
  2. 0/5 Can't say I tried very hard.
  3. Thank you @Serliek for this Caligene. I wanted this pairing since last year edit: Also, thank you to all the people dropping CBs in the AP. Alas, my scroll cannot contain all the goods!!
  4. Additional 8 eggslots during Holidays, especially Halloween >.> Is it too much to ask?
  5. This took a really long time (I gave up half way). Squeezing silvers out of Spitfires was particularly difficult.
  6. A year or two ago, I asked the same question, and somebody (TJ?) replied that the time of day does not matter on the 31st or the Halloween. Of course, I cannot find that post right now. But since then I've never bothered to wait for the night (I only try on 31st) and had a fairly good success rate.
  7. I realized I can name my Leetle Tree yesterday, I caught it in 2011
  8. I'm missing a gendered Pygmy Wyrm hatchie, so that's one thing. After I get it, my collection is complete. I need to think of something more to do >.>
  9. Both look awesome, especially the pygmies
  10. I'd like to see them in the Market for a very high price (10 000?). I'm into lineages and it irritates me I cannot start my own. Also in the Market you could actually choose the color (silverrrrrrrrrrrr).
  11. You're welcome! Actually every other generation in this lineage should Alt, like layers in a cake... aaaanyway, glad you liked
  12. 1 zombie, 7 disintegrates, 1 revival https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ix4zY
  13. I like the Ash ones, and the Boreals go well with Silvers... Also, it would be cool if some Ash dragons had an 'unknown' gender... they could breed with both males and females... Off topic, after this release what should be the 'Unique Breeds' counter if somebody has everything?
  14. Does anyone have Yellow Dino egg for me to click?
  15. So the "ashen" one is by birdzgoboom ❤️ Looks interesting...
  16. Oh my, TJ's first foray into spriting... looks promising. /jk
  17. I received a gift via direct request! Terrafreaky -> natli | ROYAL CRIMSON from RADIANT ANGEL | https://dragcave.net/lineage/Svh2q | direct request
  18. Does anybody know why the Copper dragon is not in the Market? o.o
  19. I see Siyat dragon appeared for 100....
  20. I finished naming/re-naming my ENTIRE scroll (platinum trophy). Only Siyats are left, but I'm waiting for my purples to grow up. Go me.
  21. Mimics look great! *thumbs up* The breeding of Siyats is fine by me, since it is not up to luck (like Gems, Nebs, Ridgewings,). I am a patient woman and can wait a day or two if the result will be what I want
  22. Did anybody get a color other than green?
  23. 1/8 adults https://dragcave.net/lineage/RrlhN It's the new type!