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  1. It's fantastic that the eggs have all those cool codes and that the winners are showing them. In the far future all people who will have a gold prize will belong to one of five 'clans' Like 'Lexy', 'Epic' and so on. I wouldn't be surprised if people name the offspring after the original dragon, and started a spontaneous lineage, like the Dorkface
  2. Beautiful eggs! Congrats Goslander! Now I have another scroll to stalk.
  3. I think sprites are just pixels, you know But when I learned that people might freeze my bred eggs because of it, I decided to avoid inbred dragons. In general, 'clean' dragons are treated better.
  4. I'm going to turn off my computer and go for a walk. Wish me luck.
  5. I know he said 'hardware' but I'm hoping like crazy he's gonna implement the new features >.<
  6. My fav is Hellfire egg. I also love Glory, Harvest, GoN, Nebula, Autumn....but the Hellfire wins
  7. My real name is a purple female, childless My nick is on a female bluna.
  8. I saw a ridgewing, the one which is upside down. I was sure it's dead <.<
  9. I just got a Geode with the code 'Orik' - like that dwarf from Inheritance
  10. My first dragons were Water, Waterwalker, Coastal Waverunner and Deep Sea. I had this crazy idea that I'll collect all the water-type dragons and be satisfied with that >.> I abandoned them all because I had no idea how to collect views back then
  11. I just wanted to say this is the best hatchery I know: well constructed, easy to use and the only with a health check. 1: Do you want to see the gender of the adult you're tracking? Yes, the more info the better. 2A: Do you want to see only a list of which mates refused? 2B: Or a list of refusals, plus the current mate and the result of their latest breeding attempt? 2C: Or do you want a list of all mates? Option 2C please. 3: If you want a list of all mates (2C), how should the result be shown? 3A: Only the most recent outcome with each mate? 3B: Save all results, giving you a running list of each recorded breeding attempt? 3C: Or with a sliding scale where you work up to having an egg eventually? 3D: Some other way entirely? If you have other ideas/preferences, let me know that as well, and maybe I'll be able to work them into one ideal solution. 3B, I would like to see all results on the page. 4A: If you want to track whether or not an egg was produced, do you only want to know that one was/wasn't? 4B: Or do you also want to know the breed and/or code? Once more, the more info the better. 5A: Do you want to have all of your recorded dragons showing at once? Depending on the choices for questions 2 and 3, this could quickly grow very long. 5B: Or would you rather be able to pull up each individual dragon's info as you need it, one at a time? One dragon at a time. 6+: Is there anything else a breeding tracker should have? How much time remains until I can breed that dragon again, but you probably thought of that. In fact, this is the most important function for me, if that one thing was implemented I would be satisfied. The breeding tracker is like a bonus, compared to this.
  12. My god. Even spriters didn't see them? ...do they even exist?
  13. I have a Pink with 3am3 code, he's named 3am Phonecall Recently I got a limestone with 'bait' code, dunno how to name him...
  14. I think Blackhilllife was trying to say that participating in this contest means winning.
  15. Maybe we won't know how the prizes look like, so the winners and the rest of DC will have a chance to see what will hatch. It would be more fun this way
  16. Perhaps that's a long shot but... one of my favorite projects on the Progress List in Dragon Requests disappeared some time ago... I would love to see that as a prize dragon.
  17. Aw, the link displays HM for me too, but no email, so it's a bug ;.;
  18. Hi, it's my first post here I finally got the required 10 dragons to vote. I saw the "dragon climbing tree". Pure genius! At first I thought I'm looking at another katamari, but I kept looking, and looking... I think that's a first prize winner.