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  1. Uh, I'm so low on timber and rocks.... and I don't mind the destruction as much as the little sidebars which block my view....
  2. Alright.... I figured it out. It's true deposits are dropping behind walls, building etc... what you need to do is go into battle mode, so everything becomes see-through... and then you see where they are!
  3. I have a question about the rules: If your fort is full of decorations and there’s no room for new deposits, don’t worry—they’ll spawn as soon as you free up space. Erm, does this mean that if I take up 80 percent of avaliable space, I need to move stuff around for the depositss to drop? o.o
  4. I'm trying to place a helicopter, but it's red everywhere... I have enough stuff to buy it... I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Does it need a lot of free space?
  5. I will be be picking my new eggs on the 27th... AP is hiding to many treasures....
  6. Giveaway Please offer a dummy, winners will be chosen via Random.org in 6h 3G Thuwed + CB Black Alt in base Congrats to the winner!
  7. Giveaway SA offspring (please offer a dummy, winners will be picked around 11am cave time via Random.org) 4G Avatar from Rosebud Alt and Yulebuck Alt 3G White from Rosebud Alt Congrats to the winners!
  8. Giveaway 3G Silver Tinsel checker Please offer a dummy egg, I will pick a winner in ~24h via Random.org Congrats to the winner!
  9. I'm not limiting anyone (you have confused me with TJ). I'm stating my opinion as a user And removing scroll goals out of the way, I simply like the fact that Halloween is a hoarder holiday - for people to get as much as they can. And the other ones are about 'giving' I guess, with scroll limits in place. It makes Halloween special, and is a good compromise, in my opinon of course. Peace!
  10. I make a lot of holiday lineages, but I don't feel limited by having 2 CBs of each breed. There are a lot of generous people willing to breed their CB Holidays for free in gifting threads. Now IF we were able to get both genders of a breed, it would be a different matter... Anyway, Valentines and Xmas are 'easy' Holidays for me. Only 2 CBs to catch, while during Halloween I need to get 8 to meet my scroll goals. And I don't need to scamble to get 8 CBs of past breeds, which I had to do those past 2 seasons on Halloween 💀💀💀
  11. I want to be a Helper! Forum Name: natli Scroll Name: natli Breeding abilities: I have CB metals, two 2Gs from Spriter Alts, and two 2G prizes (all have perfect mates), 1 2G Thuwed, I have a ton of holiday lineages (and all CB Holidays), some non-holiday checkers, some prize lines but not many.... and I can try making a Neglected for people who don't have one yet (and fail badly xD) Catching abilities: Don't have the time to catch, unless commons
  12. This is the last part of my haul: Thank you anons for this Marrow, this Omen and this Grave Thank you @VampiricOmen for this Lurker (Fire Gems! <3) Thank you @stargazer_7 for this SW and this SW (aqua blue works with SWs) Thank you @Waldmensch for this Lurker
  13. @Amazon_warrior Woah, that's perfect! Yes please I could do a mirror with a bit of luck... *starts planning*
  14. A had a bit of luck this last day: Thank you @42 for this Lurker with 3 SAs in the base Thank you anon for this SW beauty - I don't have the faintest idea how to continue this and finally thank you @bloodonmyfangs for this Lurker, I love this idea, and the Alt fits the color scheme
  15. I'm broke now.... and I don't think I ever had 3 cb metals growing on scroll xD
  16. Another part of my haul this year: Thank you anons for this Marrow and and this Shadow Walker (Razorcrests are my favs), this Marrow (Copperssss), this Witchlight (I am weak against Fire Gems also), this Witchlight, this Grave (finally a Zyu pairing I can live with) and this Shadow Walker (lovely!) Thank you @reddof-f6 for this Caligene (did I mention I like Razorcrests?) Thank you to @Kith for this Omen (hard to find anything they go well with) and this Desipis Thank you @Nakuru fro this Caligene (again, me and Fire Gems) and this Pumpkin Once again a big thank you to all the people who abandoned CBs to the AP, I met my scroll goals this year, which I thought impossible :)
  17. You're right, my eyesight is not what it used to be.
  18. Now I caught this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/K1qEb I'd like to point out that the mom does not have a funny name, which I strongly oppose. Thanks for the Banksy treatment @birdzgoboom
  19. Thank you for adding the new breed so quickly! Could you also please add Black Luminas?
  20. I am torn - I like the sprites on their own, they look great. But I'm all about lineages, and after browsing through the "Arcana Breeding Plans" thread my eyes are burning...
  21. *watches AP* It's going up... soon we'll get influencable eggs again o.o
  22. Staring at the Abandoned Page, which is going under 3 days, while being locked till tomorrow.
  23. I forgot I had mates for two of my Halloween 2Gs (HxH), I just assumed I forgot about them, and only checked my scroll today and discovered I bred them mates last Xmas *facepalm* Oh well, I will breed those checkers this Xmas, my memory should hold 2 months >.>