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  1. @Lushwave I have followed your recipe pretty closely and got 5/7 😊 I'm happy to be done with them.
  2. I've just abandoned a 5d1h Sapphire, stolen on Wednesday, I hope that counts 🤔
  3. Today I used kill on a 4h left Shumoga with stats 722/150/2 and the result was hatch&catch. And then I used EQ on 7 Shumoga eggs, 6 around 4d1h and 1 around 5d6h left. All were s5.
  4. Confirmed unchanged: with Black Marrow with Shadow Walker with Cavern Lurker with Grave with Caligene with Witchlight with Kohraki with normal Pitfire spreadsheet updated
  5. I got this code in trade: MalwA It's Polish for hollyhocks 💚💚💚
  6. I just EQed 8 eggs and caught 2 hatchies and killed 6. Also it took about 10 EQ to do that because my eggs were often unaffected. They were all S5 and between 3d22h and 4d12h unincubated.
  7. 1/21 https://dragcave.net/lineage/ALgBT It's a Halloween rehersal, but I still expected to get more o.o will update later in the day Update: if your Kill slots are about to come back don't use EQ. It apparently eats them up. Well. This was educational 😂
  8. Can I use EQ if i have no more kill slots left?
  9. I heard that you can have a better chance if you wait till 3d or less. But I' m not sure how to do it... Can I fog the eggs that are about to hatch and wait one more day and EQ them? While fogged?
  10. I tried Pyro x Hydrophidius and Striped River, both give Orange 🥲 Was hoping for bald. Edit: Ice also gives orange
  11. Thank you 💚 Sprites are cool, personally it's the Shumoga Lite for me, 'dark' version is not dark enough imo Pyropellis is awesomesouce in all versions, bald is solid with great colors and shading and the color versions are pure fun
  12. This. I was surprised to see ppl equal Kill with EQ. From my personal experience Kill has a very low chance of hatching, even if the egg is low time and has a big hole.
  13. I do not mind EQ, but since my scroll is often empty, it's easier to plan around it. Green Cantos were exciting to get, so if those are a bit harder I'm ok with it. Honestly, compared to Pink Sapphire anything seems doable to me. That conversation above that people cannot report on what was said in discord, was funny. How dare they! 😂
  14. Thank you @Slavic for a colorful Halloween lineage idea https://dragcave.net/lineage/yCFii @Obelisk-of-Light You're welcome!
  15. Frankly I was hoping for more of a break between releases, snice I still am reeling after the last one. But it was an easy one at least.
  16. Thank you it grew up
  17. I have a EQed and forced hatchie at 3d13h with stats Overall views: 5,308 Unique views: 914 Clicks: 7 I did not stun it, I checked my log. Is this a glitch?
  18. 4 market Cantos, no incubate, big hole, 4d6h left: 1 runaway 1 hatched 2 unaffected success rate: 3/4
  19. If doing away with the abandon mechanic is not going to happen (?) then my ranking of solutions is: 1. low views (logical!) 2. consistent flood in the cave Congrats on that one! I am CB-less.
  20. Hmm... If CB Sapphires flood then people will make Yellows. That's true. And then, they will get their quota. And then when they will catch a CB Sapphire in the cave , what will they do? Trade it? For a time maybe, but other people will get their quota of Yellows as well. So eventually a trade fodder will be um abandoned? And Sapphires will turn back into misclicks lets say? What do we do with misclicks? We often abandon them.
  21. This made me think so much. I have 3 lineages with blue Sapphires and I've just realised that I will not breed them for AP anymore. Because it is pointless. Personally I'm in favor of abandoning the AP mechanism in favor of switching to low views.
  22. That's exactly how I decided to cope with this situation (only my goals are 6 CB). I caught 1 messy Pink, named it 'Token Pink Sapphire' and that's all the representation they are getting on my scroll. I'm done! As for Cantors and Gemshards it's the same for me - they are gone right now, but getting them is just a matter of time so.... *shrug*
  23. Thank you @Tish https://dragcave.net/lineage/9XpeO
  24. Pink Sapphires are a social experiment. Just like the April Fools Mint but more advanced xD
  25. Yes, a lot of people like purebred 2Gs, but I bred my CB Sapphires to different pink breeds, since that's the stuff I like 👌 But it's true that PB line is probably the only practical option.