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  1. I break technology. All the time. Usually it's arcade machines or games, that either stop working, spew tickets, or refuse to give me tickets. :s
  2. I always have dreams of betta fish for some reason... sometimes I'm buying them, sometimes I have a whole room full of them, or sometimes I'm just admiring them. Wish I knew what these obsessive fish dreams meant, I must have had several this last year or so.
  3. When people park their grocery carts in the middle of an aisle, then look at you funny when you have to ask to get by.
  4. Hugo 1, 2, and 3. What? I love my 80's-90's games.
  5. I loved League of Legends for awhile, but it was so poorly managed I gave up on it. I'll replace it with DotA 2 later, and that will be the favorite.