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  1. Breeding the old holidays and catching new ones was awesome, playing for mana and following the storyline is cute, but sending presents to others is an amazing addition to the fun. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you to everyone involved in the events!
  2. I attempted to make a zombie and then all 5 of my killed zombie fodder disappeared from my scroll. They must have been taking disappearing ink because they're back now. I did manage to get one of the new dragons though.
  3. These look pretty sleek. Very pretty. They remind me of Caspian Tern.
  4. Oh, I didn't think about that. I just figured they'd be genderless like the cheese dragons. Either way can't wait to see these hatch.
  5. Aww! I think they would make great playmates for the Rosebuds.
  6. I don't know what makes me happier: 7 new dragons or the ability to prepare for them. Thank you!
  7. I love Arsinia Gardenia. That just sounds pretty.
  8. The adults are gorgeous. I think I'd like to pair mine with a Gray and a Moonstone.
  9. I was going to try and stay up, but I'm falling asleep at my computer. Can't wait to see the lovely adults later this morning. Just wanted to give a thank you to everyone involved in this Valentine's event. Both the dragons and flowers (and stunning vase) are absolutely lovely. Thank you. (and thanks to everyone who's been filling my vase.)
  10. So many awesome gingerbread houses. I've decided to stop tinkering with mine before it's too much. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Raff85
  11. The cheese are dalmations? I thought they were cows. Either way they look cute and so do the mints. This is an awesome halloween.
  12. I think my eyes are numb from refreshing. No Holly yet, but I'm hopeful to catch one by Saturday. After that, I won't be able to get on much, if at all, because my family volunteers at a local kitchen. Which if I'm honest, is rewarding too. And I find myself very lucky to have caught the others. Thanks to everyone who is breeding. Best of luck to all the hunters out there.
  13. This is my first Christmas on DC. I love the wreath decorating...I add a few more with each new story. I managed to catch 1 yule buck, 2 Ribbon dancer and 2 snow angel. I was trying for a Holly, but I freeze in awe the few times I see them and click too late. So I decided to grab a second yulebuck and hope to catch a Holly after these hatch. With all the excitement, it's been an awesome first Christmas.
  14. This was so much fun, thank you! I now have an even bigger love for storm dragons.
  15. Wow, this is an interesting topic. I put a lot of thought into dragon names. 1) Usually I read the adult dragon characteristics and then google baby names that match either color/or characteristics. Purpureo Mizzenfin -means Purple backfin and is a Purple Dorsal/Ailan Bacchus -means pale~clear and noisy and he is an albino. 2) Or sense I'm a big mythology/literature fan I may use a character name. I have a male vamp named Asher Auberon. Asher is a character from the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels and Auberon means of the night. I also have a split named Jekyll & Hyde Nevermore for: a. Jekyll & Hyde and b. Edgar Allen Poe. 3) Sometimes the origin of the name is from a different language. I have a pygmy named Mon Petite Ange. Which means My little Angel in French and influenced by the Anita Blake novels. And this Valentine's day Rose dragon I named Parisse Rosealani. French & Italian for Paris Rose. Lastly, if I see a pattern intentional or not, I keep it. I have a white stripe descended from dragons with Anmar in their name so I did a google search for Anmar and then added Daniyah.
  16. Wow, this is a good topic. I never thought to look for dragons with my name. Real name: a female black dragon with 21 children Username minus the 85: a female black dragon with one child Really cool. Thanks for posting how to look up names.