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  1. I have no idea what this is, is it like Ghosthunters where they just freak out all the time? I never buy any supernatural television show.
  2. Was that a movie made by Sci Fi? I loved their films. They were so horrible and corny. You should check out Mansquito with some friends sometime. It's really funny. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is good, too. Worst movie for me would probably be Inglorious Basterds. As the trailer lied to me and I did not want to watch it for a bit of violence and drama.
  3. It's just...drilled into my brain. Lucky for me this song is awesome.
  4. Bump because there is a new episode tomorrow YEAHHHH
  5. That's what she said. dohohohoho
  6. An Axe-FX. The greatest multi effects processor for guitar. Why can't I have it? Well because I can't afford 2,000+ Euros right now.
  7. Well, a certain portion of them enjoy the show. I'm not sure if the whole board supports it, and I wouldn't be surprised if some people use MLP as a gimmick to troll, or something. Back on the topic at hand... Yeah I agree with everything you said. The plot development, characters and all around show cater to very young children, but the show isn't painfully idiotic and makes me feel like I'm watching something that will destroy my brain. I watched the latest episode today, Sonic Rainboom, and I thought it was great. It isn't often you see Rainbow Dash so vulnerable, so my heart pretty much melted at the end.
  8. General discussion. First order of business, why on Earth do I like this show?! It's awesome. I don't know why, but it is.
  9. Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy Creepy video, creepy music. Love it.
  10. My parents are like fire and ice. Opposites, how they fell in love and got married and remain happy I have no clue. My mom seems mentally unstable. She depends on praise for her doings, and completely blows up when she is criticized. She can be a bit of a hypocrite, and shuns out what she doesn't like to hear. She keeps very close ties to her parents, who are very old fashioned and often treat my uncle with more respect than her. She gets pushed around too easily and instead of taking a stand she complains. She's too frightened to stick up for what she believes in and that really makes me sometimes. My dad on the other hand, is awesome. He's a very logical and down to earth person. He's one of those people who has a solution for any situation. He's extremely good at what he wants to do because he wants to do it perfectly. I think some of it came from experience. He's lived deep in the bushes of Ivory Coast and has some incredible stories about living with almost nothing. Not to mention he's a really good cook So yeah, fire and ice.
  11. The primary concern is will there be internet on the moon and will I still be able to sign on to DC there?
  12. Here's another of my 50 things that disturb me. People who thrive on the belief of being socially awkward. Or people who take pride in being socially awkward. The people who might fall in to the category of socially awkward and seem to make a public scene about it whenever they can. Intentionally making themselves stand out or acting stupid because they've developed this idea that they're 'weird' I don't like it. At all. In a sense it's their way of being rebellious but there is no reason to enlarge your ego because you make it hard for people to like you. Coming from a person who has trouble making friends and communicating, there is absolutely nothing positive about it. It sucks. There is no reason to be proud of your inability to act accordingly in social situations.
  13. Oh man it's been years since I played 1 let me see if I can remember my decisions... Let the council die. Screw those guys, they didn't trust me and so they suffered for their actions. I saved Wrex, since the Krogans are probably my favorite race in the ME universe. And I was mostly renegade during both play through. Story wise I thought both of them were stunning, since they were the only games that really made me fall in love with the characters and the universe. Out of the two, 1 had the better gameplay I think. I really loved customizing my own weapons and armor. There seemed to be 6 different brands and 6 types of each brand for every type of weapon. It was like a toy store for me because I played as a soldier. Through trial and error I finally found an assault rifle that worked well with me and fitted it with mods that made me unbeatable. Very high damage, high rate of fire, very accurate even when moving, and took well over 2 minutes to over heat when constantly firing. I had so much fun acquiring, testing, and modding different weapons. The second game lacked some of these things and it really left me disappointed. I hated running out of ammo with my weapons because I was forced to change up which gun I used. It seemed impractical to force me to use a hand cannon when I could be using my Collector assault rifle. Limiting my shots in ME2 didn't go well with me. I also really wish ME2 had more of a weapon variety. Only having around 3 or 4 rifles, 2 sniper rifles wasn't really my thing. Not much for upgrades or mods really killed combat for me, too. In ME1 I could attach a really powerful explosive round that made my sniper rifle feel like a sniper rifle. Very powerful, but takes a long time to recharge after each shot. Or maybe I could take a more stable round and treat it as a long range semi automatic rifle. Can't do that in ME2. In ME2 there is no sacrificing one upgrade for another. I could seriously go on about the disappointing gameplay but it would feel like I've left out some of the really good moments. Overall ME2 had a better designed universe, and the new characters grew on me very quickly. I remember how Grunt was my favorite character because of how badass he was, and earning his loyalty really felt like I had helped out a friend. I remember near the very end of the game, I thought he had died on the ship and I stood up and shouted NO! because I was really upset over his death. Of course he pulled through but it scared me ****less. So yeah ME2 had more emotional ties to it, more than ME1. But the characters in ME1 have still left a pretty big impact on me. Seeing Wrex in ME2 was just like visiting an old friend. /rant or whatever
  14. 7sharps

    Any Musicians?

    You should be really thankful you started playing an instrument at such a young age. Well, in my opinion at least. I wonder how good I would be now if I started guitar when I was really young. OT: I'm enrolled in a jazz and rock college and begin classes on the 21st.
  15. Definitely this: The melody is just so corny and happy sounding. What else can you expect from G major?
  16. People who stare at you when you eat. Me: eating some food Them: Me: Them: Me: What's up man? Them: Nothing Me: continue to eat Them: Me: Them:
  17. Miss Hannah Minx. Screw her and her massive breasts!
  18. Or when someone takes off their shoes and they're barefoot. Oh my God it's so nasty
  19. Right now, almost definitely Shot across the Bow - Yngwie Malmsteen
  20. Please explain why you don't like weaboos Qwackie-san!!
  21. Were you on top of Everest when it happened? That would be pretty epic
  22. When people decide to put their scrolls in their posts when clearly it's stated to put it in your signature. Hm sounds a bit familiar.
  23. As far as creating the movie goes, the way Toothless' body reacts was done extremely real. I can just imagine the designers sitting there watching a paper airplane and noting down every single movement it makes. From crashing to flying the movements looked very well done. Also, I loved the movie. The soundtrack made it very memorable for me.