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  1. I like WQ..but the forums are strict and kind of ridiculous. Plus the whole username is your name on multiplayer sucks. along with the whole "you have to type properly" crap :/ but otherwise I like the game. Even made 3 "comics" and 1 pic of my wolf involving WQ screenshots I took. I want the 2.5 episode to come out.. Does anyone know if your pups will be in the new one as well?
  2. ;~: the ending made me cry. Why did the Army shoot him? He did what they wanted and wasn;t causeing them trouble when he was back with his family.. $%#@ing * bags >/. I loved that game. I'm hoping to own it soon. I borrowed it from blockbuster (and kept is 3 days over cuase i didn't want to give it back). What is undead nightmare like? i might get that one too...
  3. ops srry i forgot ><; Male please :3
  4. Graphic, please! Username: LucifersFallenAngel What you want drawn: pillow dragon How do you want it to be posed/look: laying down looking at the viewer with its cute fluffiness :3 Sample image (not necessary): Coloured (specify which colours): normal colors of a pillow dragon adult Background: none needed Size (if you need a certain size for your siggy): no specific size Animated (specify animation): none THANK YOU!
  5. these are cute and really good :> could you sprite me a melanistic trophy ram? like the references below: ref 1 ref 2 thank you!
  6. if you have room/time could you make me a sprite of a houndoom? (pokemon) thanks if you can.
  7. I joined (finally. i kept forgetting to). here are mine: i have a deer egg but it wont let me post the code :/
  8. i have a really odd connection with animals. doenst matter what it is, stray, wild, or not, i can always get it to come to me..if that counts...
  9. *o*....immon try to get a cb pink or cb black cause i would love some art from you...I dont have a lot in my scroll right now, but if you wanna take a look, feel free.
  10. o_o; i have A LOT! (i hav no life) after the 1st they are in no particular order.. Jared Padalecki (#1 ^^ <3) Jensen Ackles Julian McMahon Keith Urban Ian Sondhiemer (guy who plays Damon on Vamp. Diaries) Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Zac Bagans(Ghost Adventures! <3) Tobin Bell (yea he's kinda old but he's awsome!) Misha Collins Keanu Reeves Justin Long i'm going to stop there cause i could go on forever x3
  11. I'm a furry so I wear a tail everywhere i go. =3 dogs have tails, but noone yanks them :/ and if they do they should be kicked where it hurts the most D<
  12. poeple who wont shut up about my tail in school people who yank my tail in school. (i punch them in the face though =3 ) stupid people people in general (cept a few of my friends)
  13. I die in a lot of my dreams..or i kill ppl in a lot of my dreams .-. rarely i'll have one that i dont die in/ kill ppl (like a hitman >3)..normal? o.e