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  1. DC Birthday overload! Oh man, having joined a bit after the Frills had been retired, I am really glad they are back. Of course, can't try for any right now as I am currently egglocked, but not much of a problem.
  2. Well, I have my pair, so I can consider myself done here for now.
  3. Well, I managed to get one. Now to try to get another one.
  4. Welp, did not get any that time. Guess I'll just have to keep trying.
  5. Yeeeaaah, I think I'm better off waiting for the flood. Missed the few that I saw. (Also, congrats to whoever got that Gold in the Volcano).
  6. Yep, back to Golds. Ah well, guess that's one more gold in my collection. Now I have 5 CB gold Lunar Heralds! ... I think...
  7. And then I got three more! Well okay then, I guess I'm done here. Good luck to everyone else.
  8. Yes, I got one! Now I just need to get one more.
  9. Based off this change and the bronze, it might change on the 9th.
  10. Oh, so it's the blue ones now. Awesome! Now let's see how many I'll not get this time.
  11. WHOA! Went into the Volcano, clicked on a Lunar Herald egg, and I was certain that I had missed it. But I actually caught it! Yes, now I have my pair of bronzes! Now I can just sit back and wait for the next moon phase.
  12. Meanwhile, I only got one set of the golds from the cave. My other set came from the AP, which I guess was at some point after it shifted to the browns/bronzes/whatever.
  13. Well, maybe not the way I intended to get one, but thanks to a generous individual I now have one brown Lunar Herald. Just need to get one more... But oh boy, I gotta agree with everyone else. If the browns have been this much of a pain so far, then I do not look forward to the blues and silvers.
  14. Oh great, fewer people looking to grab them and I still can't get one. Should have figured this would be the case. Ah well, I'll keep trying.
  15. That's one more than I currently have. Congratulations! Yeeeeaaah, this is definitely going to take a while...
  16. I've lost count of how many I've missed so far. All I know is that I've unfortunately obtained zero brown eggs. Though knowing my luck with the gold ones, I should probably wait until they start popping up in AP.
  17. Wow, that's a lot eggs. Let the hunt begin!
  18. They might.... Like I went to a GameStop a day before the shiny Gengar event, mainly because I forgot exactly when that event started. I ended up getting a serial code for a Heracronite from the previous event that had already ended by that point. But I redeemed the serial code without any problem, and as a result, I have an extra Heracronite that I have no real need for.
  19. Well then, this explains why I suddenly had a ton of things I still needed to unlock in the encyclopedia unlocked. Still had to observe a Desipis afterward, but otherwise, I believe I'm finished for the time being. And the new tombstone thing gives me a bit more to do for next Halloween, as I apparently need to get ones from four of the biomes. This is a nice update. Thank you, TJ.
  20. Actually, I've never made that change when clicking view links I got through Google, and they still counted. Either way, that Google tip actually was effective for observing NDs. A few days of it got me from needing 100+ hatchlings to having unlocked all observations for the breed. Now I can focus on all of the others I still need observations for.
  21. Oh, the Sage hunting sidequest? But even then, that sidequest was in BW and not B2W2. And I don't know about shiny locking the legendaries. Like I can understand Groudon and Kyogre because they probably can be considered "required" catches (like Reshiram, Zekrom, Xerneas and Yveltal). Possibly Rayquaza too. But as for the others, I kinda don't see that happening. Or at least, I hope it doesn't happen.
  22. Wrong games/gen. The Looker missions were in XY. Can't believe it's a week before these games come out. And after what was just revealed, I can hardly wait. I'll most likely be getting my copies the day after release day. But until then, I guess I still have the demo. Might as well try to get that nugget man mission before then, as it's pretty much the only thing I have left to do in the demo.
  23. Given how super amazing they're making it sound, I kinda doubt it's a downloadable event. This sounds like it's going to be a huge post-game sidequest. And given Rayquaza's involvement, I think this is how we're gonna: 1. Get to Sky Pillar 2. Learn how Rayquaza Mega Evolves Though with that said, Deoxys' involvement in the game outside of a Mystery Gift event is rather shocking. And Zinnia seems like she'll be an interesting character to have a run in with. I mean like they make her look really important on that poster. Overall, I'm really excited for Delta Episode.
  24. Okay, that is true to a degree. Giratina's form depends on whether or not it's holding the Griseous Orb. And Shaymin, while having its form change manually activated by a Key Item, is stuck in Land Forme at night or while it's frozen. With these forme changes though, you are at least able to see the transformation occur and opt to switch back to its previous forme without any problems. With Primal Reversion however, as long as Kyogre and Groudon are holding their orbs, they're forced to change forms when they're sent out in battle, which you really don't have any control over other than just not giving them the item to begin with.
  25. Giratina and Shaymin's forme changes are triggered outside of battle though, where Primal Reversion seems to start as soon as they're sent out. As for why Unown is used, idk... WPM did say in his article that a bunch of Pokemon models and other various data got removed from the demo, which could explain it. Heck, in these two videos, Hoopa, Kyogre, and Groudon don't even have menu icons, and the item used to change Hoopa's form doesn't have a name or description. Though if that's the case, then that raises the question of what Unown's model is even doing in there...