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  1. I just missclicked a gold. Best. missclick. ever.
  2. My favorite flowers in this so fare are those branches! Thanks for the awesome event everybody, now I'm gonna grab those dragons.
  3. I made mine! Now to search for a holly. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/daftpunk12
  4. How long will I be able to decorate my house?
  5. I haven't seen a holly egg for a while. I might have to just try again next year. On a happy note, I'm done with all the recipes! I can't wait for the new eggs!
  6. Woah, awesome! Good thing I traded for an extra four hatchies!
  7. I'm probably pretty late for noticing this, but I love the codes!
  8. I'm bummed that it's delayed, but it's what's fair. Halloween in real life got delayed for me too, so this is only fitting I actually just got power back. I was a bit worried I'd miss the drop.
  9. There's this problem with ToT where no matter how much I click on this item, and even if it appears in my bag, It's still seen around the site. Anyone know what's going on? EDIT. I cleared my cookies and quit my browser. It's better now.
  10. Just caught a bunch of eggs. YAY!
  11. My week has been so crazy, I only just discovered this. Yay!
  12. Good luck to those still after easter eggies!
  13. My all time favorite is this guy, from last year. My favorite from this batch is Honestly, I love them all! Thanks spriters!
  14. Just came home. Gotta catch 'em all! https://i.imgur.com/ZreP6.gif