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  1. Recent past? Many of this years releases are less common that the cave blockers and you're lucky to see one a day once the release is over. Heck I haven't seen more than one Copper in a biome since the actual day they released. But fine, I'm happy to compete. I just wish TJ would upgrade the server to get rid of the lag. Catching anything at the top of the hour is worse than lottery luck for many, and it took a serious downturn in November 2012. We didn't suddently get a few thousand extra users. Numbers logged in are not significantly higher than before Nov, 2012. BUT lag at the top of the hour has been awful ever since and is independant of ping times. Thats the key, critical, vital point here. My ping times are better than they were last year due to an upgrade in my local phone exchange. Also my ping times remain constant whem DC lags like blazes. With ALL other sites, ping times escalate badly when they lag. Why? Because when a server is overloaded, responses to pings get slowed down as much as all other messages to the server. That is what says its a DC server problem, which remains ignored and denied over half a year since it occurred. Rant for the day over. I have 2 self bred eggs hatching today. I'll try once at the top of the hour when they hatch, take alternative action if its situation normal and thats DC for the day for me. I like DC, I jjust can't be bothered putting up with it that much anymore
  2. I know your point, but I also said my ping times to the DC server had improved since last year. And guess what? While my refreshes and click lag by 30 seconds plus on the hour, my ping times stay constant with only occasional packet loss. So I guess that means I can contact the server, I just can't get a response from it Colour me absent
  3. I know this, what cheeses me off if that for 8 or 9 months now, nothing has been done about it, aside from denying that it happens
  4. Oh, hooray, a new release. What with top of the hour lag I can count in in half minute lots, catching anything in a crowd is as hard as its been since this level of lag hit just before last christmas. Funny thing tho, my ping times have actually improved. Maybe the server responds better to pings than refreshes. Now its day two and the 5 minute breaks aren't worth waiting for so I'll cheer for the two "can't make up their mind" dragons I caught and go back to hoping for a lucky first click every hour followed by an hours wait or continue filling out my commons. Biomes are locked on less popular commons after the first attempted click or refresh, so trying to catch anything other than a one shot top of the hour lucky dip is just frustrating. and nobody plays a game to be frustrated. Going by previous posts on top of the hour lag I am far from alone in this. Call us the bunch in the dark corners of the cave I guess I used to love competing for a new release, and helping others who for whatever reason were unsuccessful. Now I'm part of the unsuccessful crowd and Dragon Cave is a "when I have nothing better to do" activity. Its a fun game, for those who can still play it. Lucky for me my PC still lets me raid high end bosses in MMOs. Still surprises me that its not up to spec for DC.
  5. bbik, I just looked in on TAoND to see if any progress had been made (ever the optimistic aussie). Read your message there and I just have to say, well done! I've worked in IT management for years, 35 years in the business in all, I'm just a veteran kid where games are concerned and DC is one I share with other family members. The point is your message, providing both information and alternatives while you try to sort problems out is an example many IT departments would do well to learn from. I have no idea whether you work in IT yourself, but we are sadly an industry that too often produces poor results and little, if any, information. Considering you built and maintain your site for your own and others enjoyment, with no reward other than a job well done, you show a level of "customer" care and professionalism that many of my colleagues do not. Also I'm delighted to have your example to now lambast others in my industry with. Again, thank you and well dome!
  6. Still unable to add my scroll or add individual codes to the ER. Yes DC lag seems worse this past week, but I can still load DC pages while waiting for TAoND. My ping times to both TAoND and DC haven't changed, still around the low 200ms to mid 300ms as an average and thats GOOD for Australian ADSL2. So its not at my end. I wish TAoND at least had a contact method, but I haven't found one. Funny coincidence. TAoND was running fine until the appeal for donations towards running costs finished which makes me wonder if something in the site code was changed when that text was taken out again
  7. Still broken for my family, although I have noticed that attempts to connect that get the "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" response will at the next attempt get "Failed to connect to Dragon Cave." and vice versa. In other words, there are two unsuccessful outcomes, and successive attempts to reach TAOND seem to get message 1, then message two, message one again, message 2 again, etc. Same results whether I try to add my scroll or submit a code to the ER. I have enough other sites to use, I just like TAOND.
  8. And just before day 4 eggs start, the Biomes, Desert excepting, are back to showing pre-event eggs?
  9. Oh my aching left click finger......... Thanks TJ
  10. First pair of Crimsons, yay Third hour after they started dropping a few regular eggs crept into Volcano? Nuts, now I'm gonna have to decide whether to drop other eggs and go for a rush grab in case they become uncommon or rare. I hate decisions like that on a weekend. Thanks TJ
  11. Still can't catch any, but then it often feels like I can't catch an egg when theres more than 20 people in a biome. Curse my slow connection and old, slow reflexes.
  12. LOL, three hours into a new release and I was so keyed up I just started maniacally hitting refresh, click egg, refresh, click egg, then popped something in my jaw when a couple old eggs appeared and I yelled "WHAT????" Hehehe, oh well I have a couple of hatchings soon, and I can drop the unintentional Ridgewing egg in another 5 hours.
  13. Wahhhh, can't catch any due to lag Looks lilke an all-nighter ahead
  14. As usual, my lag is so bad it takes 15 - 20 seconds to connect to the DC server whenever I click on an egg. Go to sleep all of you, now! Happy Valentines all
  15. Personally I prefer clean lineages, so my Dragons with clean lineages, CB or bred are named, and the "unclean" lineages and left anonymous and sorted to the end of the scroll, unless they perform a special BSA (eg. Pinks and Reds) or are holiday specials. It would be boring if all Dragons were lilke that though. I'd hate to trawl through the Abandoned Page searching for a gem of a lineage or an occasional Cave Born and miss the fun of going "ewww, get it off, get it offffff" as I hurry to re-abandon a messy lineage. To each, their own.
  16. I managed to get the code ksYGN, so I gave that one the first name Kosygin. The old Politburo would have thrown a collective fit though. It had gendered female.
  17. Lag was bad earlier, I'd click a Holly, and by the time Firefox found a connection to DC there was no hope if being acknowledged as the first to click. Since then its reached a point where I refresh and wait 90 seconds to connect, then wait for the page to actually load. No point clicking anything except an occasional recipe ingredient. Lol, okay so a Holly is unlikely again this year, but why do all my cookie attemts have to fail too?
  18. Frankenstorm Helper Form: I'm willing to gift eggs to storm victims! Forum name:Blackhawke How many egg/hatchlings I'm willing to gift:3 (assuming I manage to catch a full load) I'm willing to keep the eggs until they are close to running out of time (Yes/No):Yes I'm willing to gift someone a 2nd egg/hatchling of the new Halloween dragon (Yes/No):Yes One thing I would like to add regarding Hurricane Sandy. The DC community is to be congratulated regarding its willingness to gift eggs to those that miss out. Sadly some members will be so badly affected as to not be able to even have a holiday hatchling gifted to them with a couple of hours left before it dies. I know this because my family lives in Brisbane, Australia. Last year on January 11, we had 7 foot of floodwater washing through our house. With a mere 20 minutes warning to evacuate not much more than family members and pets were saved. My wife, daughter and I all have scrolls in DC. Fortunately my daughter was able to stay with her mother in an unaffected area while my wife and I picked through the muddy mess and made new plans. As such she was able to maintain all of our family's scrolls. It took approximately a month for my wife and I to get back online. Compared to some, we were lucky. With Sandy, some people will lose power and get back fairly quickly. Those people we can help with eggs and hatchlings this year. Some people will lose far more and may take months before being able to resume their DC activities. For these people I will also be prepared to breed next halloween, eggs to transfer to them from this year's Holiday dragons, whether they prefer purebred 2nd gen. eggs, or a special breeding mix of their choosing. Its not much, compared to what some can and will lose to Sandy, but having been some of the way along that dreadful journey myself, I know that even small things can bring a smile when you're rebuilding. God bless to all those in harm's way.
  19. Add me to the list of people unable to change the order of eggs or dragons using the Custome Sort. I still get the same cursor when clicking an egg or dragon to move (the 4 directional arrow) but the minute I start dragging the cursor it changes to a circle with a diagonal line and no movement occurs.
  20. Them Brines is hard to catch
  21. Thanks Rubyshoes, thats what I'm thinking, but it was worth a lawyers question. Guess its time to start breeding, since my catching speed is slow. Maybe I should use a net? Grats Kanaye (I'm jealous darn it!!)
  22. If its been asked earlier in this thread then I missed it and will apologise, do frozen hatchlings count towards completed legendary "sets". Say, would an Ice adult, Magma adult, and frozen female Thunder hatchling count as a complete set? Thanks in advance
  23. Third day of trying and still no gold shimmer, and now the 5 minute drops when theres less competition are blocked by the AP. <sniffle>