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  1. Have CB Deep Sea "TEXTD" CB Sandwaste "6EViI" (caps messed) CB Tatterdrake "OLlVQ" (caps messed) Want CB Gold or Silver (one can dream, right?) 3-4 CB Ice/Thunder/Gaia/Aeon 2x 2G pb alt Black/Vine 2G alt Black from Radiant Angel Maybe interested in a 2G SAlt, will be picky though (no Halloween except Witchlight/Kohraki, I just don't like the others much) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! If interested in single codes, feel free to PM me to split them up!
  2. I only grabbed one egg on my first day, a Storm! My first 'batch' after that contained two Guardians, a Magi and a Yulebuck ❤️
  3. Honestly, I didn't like the Kentucky Derby at all. I think the track was favouring speed all day, and it helped the favourites big time. AP, Firing Line and Dortmund were 1-2-3 from the first turn (though not in that order) and no one ever came close running for home. AP actually has won on a muddy course, the Rebel Stakes in March, and he's done it in exactly the same fashion. I think a muddy Preakness day certainly didn't hurt his chances still, it was a good race by AP. For the Belmont, I think AP has the heart to win it. He's done nothing but winning, and I think he'll put up a good fight if someone challenges him. If he gets a good trip, I honestly think he'll win the TC, and I would be very happy for the horse (and to see a TC winner in my life). Some horses that I wouldn't be sad if they won are Frosted, Madefromlucky and Conquest Curlinate (if they'll run). But I thought the same about California Chrome last year, and then Matterhorn stepped on his hoof which, in my opinion, cost him his firing late kick and therefore the race.
  4. My second gemstone hatched true to her code: Yay!
  5. My lone survivor hatched and colored red, yay! It's exactly the color I wanted. Oh, and I caught another Gemstone immediately with 'red' in its code, we'll see...
  6. Huh, my Earthquake wasn't as successful.. I'll probably just try again tomorrow I had no problem picking up a new egg though, so it seems they're dropping fine still~
  7. I'm sorry two died D: but the dead Gemstone egg looks interesting! *is tempted to try her luck as well* hmmm...
  8. Okay, so this month as well as last have been pretty terrible for me, so as I went to the cave my initial thought was 'Oh, no! Now this has broken for me too!', haha.. After this initial shock, I really LOVE the new site design Thanks to Nakase, TJ, and everyone else involved!
  9. Has anyone figured out how often the visitor changes? Like.. every hour or so? I have a very persistent Waterhorse since the beginning of the event, I already re-decorated several times to make her go away..
  10. Happy Valentines Day everyone! The garden is super cute, I'm curious to see what all these seed will look like when grown~ I noticed there are 7 plants in a row, so the 7th is partly hidden in the grass to the right and a little hard to see (it's green too), but it's still there ^^
  11. Just got Lava Man for my little Magma boy, surprised it wasn't taken. Also: Paynter, Uncaptured, Spielzeit, Sangfugol, Man o' War, Cozmic One, Jeranimo