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  1. May I join? I'd like to play Belgium if she's open
  2. Thanks and when I last talked to her about it, the only thing I really got out of it was that she's f**king lazy (her words, not mine).
  3. Hey guys, can I have Hungary wake up on a beach, since it's supposed to be a Greek-like town?
  4. Hey, sorry, I meant to post today, but I got distracted on Youtube and now I'm out of computer time D: I'm Sorry!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yay! I'll go figure out how to jump in now
  6. Username: Nonamuskrat Name: Liechtenstein Age: Her "biological" age is 17 but she looks like she's 13 Gender: female Appearance: chin- length blonde hair, cut in a bob. bright green eyes. Very short in stature, only 5 feet tall ((she's shorter than me )). Very petite and much to her dismay, she's flat-chested. Personality: Liechtenstein is very sweet and loving. She's a neutral, just like Switzerland. However, Liechtenstein is a clutz so she's very accident-prone. (Don't let her drive a car.) Liechtenstein can be very easily manipulated. Bio: The nation of Liechtenstein has been around for quite some time, so poor Liechtenstein has been centuries in the body of a thirteen year old. She was very poor and starving to death when Switzerland found her, and it was love at first sight, at least for Liechtenstein. Switzerland sees her as his little sister. Liechtenstein, being such a small nation, lives under the protective wing of Switzerland. Enemies: Nobody (she's a neutral) Dislikes: The fact that she's flat-chested Likes: Switzerland...a LOT. And her Germanic siblings around Europe (i.e Austria, Germany, Prussia, and even Hungary) who have a tendency to forget she exists. Username: Nonamuskrat Name: Hungary Age: 19 Gender: Female Appearance: Long, waist length, light brown hair. Light brown eyes. Stands about average height, 5 feet 4 inches. Personality: Hungary can be very loving......sometimes. She tends to have a volatile personality and lashes out with either her tongue or with violence. Hungary is prone to temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She seeks out those with the right personality and manipulates them quite well. She can be quite the flirt (especially when Austria's not around). Bio: Hungary is married to Austria (though she seems to forget it sometimes). The Allies tried to split up the two of them after World War One, but they remain close, if not "officially" married. Enemies: Depends on the day, but typically Prussia (except when she's lonely, and then she treats him as her boyfriend on the side) Dislikes: Most things, but particularly women who believe in the "traditional" role of women, and string cheese. Likes: Austria, Liechtenstein (because she can manipulate her and she thinks she's cute) and Prussia........sometimes. ((Hungary's posts will be in green. Is that ok?))
  7. Heeeeeeeeey, Lichtenstein and Hungary are alive!!!! And I have absolutely NO idea what to do with them! Any ideas?????
  8. ((Hey guys, I just joined.)) Felicity Mayburn slipped out of the apartment where she lived with the old witch. Felicity could not remember the woman's name for anything, and she kind of felt bad about it. However, the two had been living together for three years, and Felicity felt it was pointless to ask now, since she would look like an idiot. The witch treated Felicity like her daughter, and hardly let Felicity out of the apartment. When she did, she was never alone, Felicity always had the old woman with her. Felicity walked quickly and quietly out of Witch's Alley and breathed a sigh of relief. The elderly witch hadn't caught her. Felicity had snuck out while the woman was sleeping. The woman had the ears of a dog, so Felicity was suprised by the fact that she hadn't been caught in the act. "Ah, well. I got out anyway." She smiled to herself as she skipped down the road, her braids flying back behind her. Felicity sometimes braided her hair, so as to look younger than her natural nineteen. The petite woman stopped at the bakery and picked up a loaf of bread. It was still warm as she put it in her basket. Now, all she needed was to get some pork from the butcher and she was ready to head home. As she walked, Felicity briefly wondered where her witch friends were.
  9. Yeah, Liechtenstein appears about between 14 and 16 but the principality of Liechtenstein can be traced all the way back to the 12th or 13th century
  10. Not at all, not at all. It's fine with me
  11. Oh you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Hungary is bi-polar and probably slightly psychotic.
  12. If you want, you can room with either Liechtenstein or Hungary. I would prefer to split them up
  13. Yes! I actually had a good idea for once!
  14. Ok. We should have it like a week before, so can get all the awkward moments of the nations asking each other to prom
  15. so are we stilll on april fool's right now?
  16. I am typing letters. Letters form words. I am typing the obvious