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  1. (( k, i'm going to go on a little break from this RP. I can only get on so often every day, because I've been loaded with things for the past few weeks, and I whenever I come on there's at least 3 more pages of RP that I have to read. I'll return when I feel that I have a bit more spare time. You can control my character, Chess, if you feel that it's necessary? )) Fury was flying along, his eyes half-closed, when he smashed into a tree at sixty miles per hour. Suffering a major concussion, the hellfire dropped like a rock and landed face-first in the soft earth.
  2. (( sorry, i've been kept up with projects and tests for a while )) Fury awoke. He had been watching Thrymzen and Balthan talk when he had fallen asleep, but now he could see that the area was deserted. Swiveling around confusedly, he soared high into the air and flew off toward Thrymzen's castle, where he hoped he would find refuge.
  3. Fury returned from his hunting trip, munching on a rabbit, when he saw Thrymzen confronting Balthan. The guardian dragon seemed to be wavering under the onslaught of deep and philosophical questions. There were also several other dragons there. (I think) Wanting to see how it played out, yet not wanting to reveal himself, Fury quietly landed on an overhanging branch. His pitch-black scales were enough camouflage to conceal himself from the others.
  4. Fury was itching for a battle, but decided that it would be wiser to save the battling for another day, when he was in a better situation and had a full store of energy. The hellfire stared in the direction that Crusher had flown off in, then turned and approached Balthan and the snow angel. He had never seen the snow angel dragon before, but he had met Balthan and knew that he was a strong and selfless fighter. Fury flapped his powerful wings once and flew off in search of food, not wanting to intrude.
  5. Fury, taken by surprise, hurtled toward the ground but managed to balance himself just enough so that he landed on his feet. His wing was torn rather badly, but the hellfire shrugged off the pain and stared at the retreating vampire dragon. Fury, dismayed that there hadn't been a good fight, made the sphere of black fire in his claw disappear. Perhaps he would use it in the next fight. All for the better: he still had a secret weapon. Fury walked over to the human archers, his ripped wing hanging uselessly to his side, hoping to find someone with healing. (( Does Thrymzen have healing magic? ))
  6. Fury heard Crusher's taunts lapse into silence and knew that the vampire was preparing for an attack. He quickly ran through all of Crusher's abilities. Bone plating, a sharp tail, and a quick mind. That was about it. Fury's fire would be able to crack through the bone plating, so all Fury had to worry about was Crusher's clever use of his three-pointed tail. "I think I have a way to deal with that," Fury thought to himself contentedly. Fury began circling the area, careful to conserve his energy.
  7. Those adult sprites are simply to die for. It's sad that I could only catch one egg...
  8. Fury continued to let the wind carry him so that he wouldn't waste any energy by flying. "My energy isn't draining. I'm not manipulating the fire, after all; it's simply spreading by itself. And I see that you're simply not going to come out. I can wait as long as I want, but if you're not going to show yourself anytime soon, I'm going to land and we can finish this battle." Fury wished that Thrymzen had some sort of "revealing" spell that would allow him to see Crusher. What a coward.
  9. Fury drifted along, letting the wind carry him. "You think that I would surrender?" Fury called out to the shadows. "You think that I would feel 'worthy' by giving up? I will never give up. I'm just not stupid enough to land on the ground. As long as I wait, I will win eventually. Look at the flames. They're spreading. Sooner or later, you're going to have to come out. When you do, you'll meet your end." Fury sent a telepathic message to Thrymzen. "Don't you have any spell that can flush him out? I'd rather finish this sooner than later."
  10. Fury bit his tongue, trying not to let his hellfire attitude take over. He would become angry and lose his mind if he didn't calm down quickly. "What fight?" Fury said tauntingly. "You call this a fight? You're just running around like you're scared of me, never showing yourself. You think I'm scared? I'm not afraid to take on someone as weak as you!" Seeing that the whole forest was basically on fire now, Fury called on some of his remaining energy and made the flames shoot outwards. The fire would not stop until it hit something. Crusher had no chance.
  11. Fury dodged the rock and flicked a few beads of sweat off of his body. He was starting to get tired and Crusher knew it. He would have to land soon. "Crusher," he called out pleadingly. "Why are you doing this to me? Remember, we had some good times together. I learned a lot from you. Can you really bring yourself to destroy your old student?" As he talked, Fury secretly created a sphere of black fire that hovered in his claw as he flew. It would be useful later on.
  12. Fury heard a whistling sound and twisted his body around. He saw a chunk of wood flying toward him, but he simply flicked his head once and the wood burst into flames, disintegrating into ashes. Fury sensed that Crusher had changed positions, so he kept a steady watch, occasionally sending jets of fire into the shadows.
  13. Fury kept flying, trying to ignore Crusher's taunts. As long as Crusher hid in the shadows, Fury couldn't attack him. He decided to play the waiting game and keep flying until Crusher made a move. Fury knew that Crusher's only weapon was his body, so he would have to come out eventually.
  14. Fury wondered where Crusher would come from. His voice seemed to echo through the whole forest. Fury, thinking fast, surrounded himself in a swirling ball of fire, then pushed outwards, releasing flames in every possible direction.
  15. Fury noticed that Crusher's voice had changed. "Emotions, again?" Fury taunted, swerving in between branches and launching a constant barrage of flaming arrows at the vampire dragon. "This is why you'll never be a good leader. I would've helped you once everything was over, but I was distracted by the battle. Then, you decided to just get up and leave. Well, we couldn't have that, could we?" Fury, seeing that Crusher had already countered several of Zegonor's old moves, improvised and sent a thin jet of fire sweeping in a horizontal movement, slicing off tree trunks and branches that fell toward Crusher. With a little concentration, the pieces of falling wood burst into flames.
  16. Fury added the firepower behind his feet and conjured a helmet of fire that encased his head in a fiery shield. Instead of weaving and ducking like Crusher and Thrymzen were doing, Fury simply smashed through the branches and foliage like a bulldozer, soon reaching the spot where Thrymzen was launching spell after spell at Crusher. Fury, deciding to add his own touch, sent arrows of fire whirling after Crusher, hoping to at least get a flesh wound. Fury lessened the fire behind his feet to a point where he was merely keeping up with the other dragons.
  17. Fury flew after his former mentor, his powerful wings flapping like crazy. His jet-black body melded into the shadows as he sped toward Crusher, who was still miles ahead. He could faintly detect the sounds of Thrymzen's magic causing widespread chaos. Wanting to get into the action, Fury concentrated two balls of fire under his feet and released a stream of fire behind him, propelling him forward like a rocket.
  18. Fury decided not to listen to Zegonor. Burning down the forest would be hard to control, and would sap Fury of all his powers. Fury felt a vein on his neck twitch as his flaming hand had to stretch further and further. After attempting to strike with the flaming claw, he found a barrier in his way. Probably the work of Crisie. Fury retracted his flaming claw and sat there waiting for a smart idea to come to him.
  19. Fury's flaming hand was still chasing Crusher relentlessly, weaving through the air like some giant snake. Sensing that Crisie might be doing some of her magic soon, Fury forced the hand to split into two. The twin streaks of fire flew through the air in complex patterns, one missing Crusher's tail by an inch. It would be over soon if Crusher or Crisie didn't do anything.
  20. so are the bad guys moving to one thread and the good guys moving to another? how is this going to be split up?
  21. Fury was undecided whether to go with Crusher or remain with Zegonor and the others. After Crusher's tail whipped out of nowhere and stabbed Zegonor in the eye, Fury, who had wandered into the room, Fury knew that Crusher might be planning to take Crisie and use her powers for some evil purpose. Or perhaps it was his emotions playing out again. Fury knew that if he went with Crusher, he could still manipulate the vampire dragon's emotions to his advantage. But if he stayed with Zegonor and Thrymzen, Fury would have a position of power in an army and would have 2 powerful allies that could crush Crusher in his emotionally weakened state. "Bad move, Crusher," yelled Fury. "I knew you couldn't be trusted." Knowing he couldn't possibly compete with Crusher's speed, Fury extended his arm and a long jet of fire shot out, a flaming hand attached to the end. The hand made a grab for Crisie.
  22. i could imagine making two hatchling threads with two storylines going on (because the amount of members is growing so fast) ... then joining them whenever necessary. lol but i think that's impossible.
  23. (( that's about 7 pages of RP that i missed boo homework. )) Fury had gone off on his own while Thrymzen had completely torn the castle apart, gathering an army of dragons and slaughtering a bunch of humans. Fury was now quite worried about how far Thrymzen would take his power. He remembered how often leaders in the past had turned on their friends because they were seen as competition. Fury hoped that the fate didn't happen to him. He entered the dungeon, looked around for bit and not seeing the dracolich (but seeing some unsettling things) and decided to head back outside.
  24. Fury, knowing that Crusher was mainly under his control and that Thrymzen and Zegonor were mistrustful of him, decided to start exploring the castle again, when a cloud of gas flooded the hallway in front of him. He could dimly make out the forms of three dragons. Probably Thrymzen, Zegonor, and Crisie. Fury headed off in a different direction, seeking to find something useful to do.