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  1. My brother has a corehound on his orc hunter. It's 80 now I think.
  2. Oh, I got a good one! My brother likes to play Ratchet and Clank games, and I've seen the worst villain ever: Captain Quark. OMG I just want to destroy him! He's a total moron and the worst bad guy in the history of bad guys. Pete from KH2 is also a total wuss in that department, but really, Quark is the worst.
  3. I agree with the Kairi thing. Seriously, she was so damsel-in-distress until Riku gave her a flipping Keyblade! (not really a legit keyblade, but still, it was pretty.)
  4. My cat acts like a dog, and it absolutely loves cat nip. It'll roll around in it and slide in it across the hardwood until he runs into a wall. Thinking about sending it to Planets' Funniest Animals or America's Funniest Videos.
  5. I got Cory Doctorow, whoever that is.
  6. Yeah, the cheats ruin it. Hey, if you get bored, here's a good idea: go on youtube and look up videos on the different ways they die. Did you know the colors of the ghosts change depending on how they die? It's flipping hilarious!
  7. I have to say the chicken came first. With some mystical thing called "evolution" a chicken was produced and it laid eggs and multiplied.
  8. Kingdom Hearts is amazing. Plain and simple. (lol I am so random.)
  9. I like WoW, but for me, once your characters hit the highest level, there isn't much to do but go PvP other characters. The rest of it is a lot of fun and it's very addicting. The graphics are pretty amazing as well.
  10. I think that Kagome in Inuyasha: The Secret of The Cursed Mask really just sucks. She always states the obvious in the events you get, she does the least amount of damage, and her techniques barely do any damage at all. Most of the time she is just a healer, but she can only heal people, not revive them, and only do one person at a time. She can't even do the Sacred Arrow attack she does in the show! Her accuracy also incredibly sucks. Yeah, she completely fails in that video game.
  11. Eh, pokemon wasn't that good. It was okay, but not good.
  12. Vic Mignogna FTW! (Famous Voice Actor for many of my favorite animes.)