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  1. Sakura rolled her eyes. She honestly wasn't scared. "Of course I'm not going to tell. I myself want to escape, just to go outside, even if it's only for a moment." Sakura had dreamed since she was a kid to go see the outside world. Through the windows, she'd seen grass and trees and pretty things on the ground they called flowers. In story books, she'd also read about animals and people and so much more! She at least wanted to go outside before the experiments in the place killed her.

  2. Geez, all I do is want to help everyone and they are just nasty to me! Why do I even bother? Sakura sighed. "Fine, as you wish. I only thought I could be of some assistance. Your not the only ones that want to get the Hell out of here." She turned away from them and headed to her own bunk, hiding the sadness in her face as she usually did. I don't blame them for being nasty, though. They've never been shown an ounce of kindness unless it was from another one of us. It's just...well, whatever. Doesn't matter anyway. I'm probably not going to live long enough to get out of here anyway.
  3. Sakura had been listening in on the other kids' conversation and she stood up. Her nose finally had stopped bleeding, but she would need to wash herself later. "You guys hatching an escape plan?" That's definitely what it sounded like. "If you are, I can help out." Maybe I can finally get the Hell out of here.

  4. Sakura was forced to back off, since the girl obviously didn't need her help. She sighed as she stood up. "Well, if you nud adny hulp, just ask." Then Sakura headed into the little dorm area and sat in one of the corners with her nose still pinched shut. Why is it still bleeding? Damn...Well, at least none of these kids died from those experiments...yet. She sighed. It's a matter of time before one of these experiments kill me...I'm almost seventeen, and that's the average life span of the orphans in here. I just have to last until I turn eighteen, or until I can find a way to escape, but this nose isn't helping me much.

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    Sakura went over to the little girl and looked at her bleeding nose. "You okay? Sobby, I tbied to hulp." She sounded funny since she was holding her own nose. She rushed into the bathroom and got some toilet paper for her, trying to wipe Ash's nose with her free hand. "Le me hulp you sice you ca suh."

  6. (lol thank you very much. Well Sakura's just like that.)


    Sakura cursed herself mentally. So much for being the daring hero. The doctor practically shoved the pill down her mouth and handed her a glass of water, which she gulped down. Almost immediately, her nose started gushing blood, and a lot of it. She quickly covered her nose with her hands. My nose is freaking bleeding like a faucet! Damn it! She rushed into the bathroom and grabbed some toilet paper, trying to stop the bleeding, but it was no use. She held her nostrils closed and waited for the little girl, Ash, to come out of the testing room.

  7. Sakura heard talking in the other room as a scientist approached a girl, who had obviously already gone blind from the first test. I...I have to do it! Sakura stood up and headed over to the doctor. "Excuse me, um, sir, that was me, not her. I've already taken the eye-drop test." The doctor nodded and roughly grabbed her hand, taking her back to the experiment room.

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    Sakura was in the girl's bathroom, rinsing her eyes from those stupid eye drops they had forced her to take. She blinked a few times, and thankfully, she could see now. I got lucky this time...most of these kids are going to go blind! Next, she started helping the really young children try to get it out of their eyes, and started barking orders to a few of the older kids. "Sam, go help the kids that took the pills. Most of them are having muscle spasms." She was currently helping one crying little girl who could barely see.

  9. I have to say, Avatar: The Last Airbender movie was the worst, EVER! It screwed up the entire series, pronounced names wrong, I mean, it drove me nuts. My friends and I only watched like five minutes of it on DVD and we were like TURN IT OFF!!!!

  10. Hmmm...well, I had a really random dream once, but I guess it isn't that weird once you think about it. This is probably one I will remember for the rest of my life.


    Okay, so if you don't know who Inuyasha is, you won't get this at first. Look up pics on photobucket if you don't get it.


    Anyway, the only thing I can remember from this dream is this: I had an old bunkbed when I was a little kid, and it was the first bed I ever had. In this dream, my seven year old sister was sitting on the top bunk, and Inuyasha (for some reason he was shirtless) was having trouble getting up there, so I (even though in real life I can barely lift a gallon of milk) helped him up. Then I joined the two and we all sat there, and I woke up. That was pretty much it. I can't remember seeing his face, but I know it was Inuyasha because of his bright red hakama pants.

  11. I have only seen a few episodes myself, honestly, but I loved it!!! The singing, the drama, it's amazing! I wish I could watch it more, but I always go to bed too early to watch it nowadays.

  12. I only play it when I get bored and the graphics aren't the best, but it's good to pass the time with and probably one of the best free online RPGs out there right now.

  13. Sometimes I use the Cheat Gnome to survive. (Because I have a problem with keeping my Hunger meter up)

    Oh, like if someone drowns the ghost is blue? What else? I can't imagine what any others would be though. (Red would be a given, but I've never played any Sims game other than Sims 2 Pets.)

    Well, I saw an orange one, a purple one, and several others. I found all this out on a youtube video. I think this also applies to the Sims 3, but they have more ways to die, because you can make diabetics or let them light their own heads on fire xd.png.