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_Free_Cat_Icon__by_Belldandy911.gifStatus: I'm very happy! Yay.What happens when the undead roam the streets? Easy. Undead girls become undead slayers.Welcome to Corpse Princess.sak.jpg

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    In The Forest, Chilling With My "Dog."
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    Well, obviously I'm an Inuyasha lover, but I like a lot of animes, especially ones where you're not human. My top faves are Inuyasha (of course), Black Butler, Soul Eater, Black Cat, and some others.

    Make fun of Inuyasha and I will go dual katana ninja-ness on your ass.

    I think bad grammar is a sign of stupidity.

    Want to message me? Look up my username on chatango!!! It's the only messenger I use. I'll talk to any people, even though my account is mainly for rping and talking to my close friends.