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  1. Long time no see. 2nd gen Mints from Holidays. Have fun. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Oh, guys. Thank you for making me laugh! ☺️
  3. Ok, no problem. The idea of the thread is to make things easier for breeders. If that helps, let's see how this works next year. I'm going to update the first post.
  4. This is sweet! You're welcome. See you in the next flower war! <3 @Psychadelia I can't see the flowers you still need. Sending a bunch.
  5. Sent flowers to everyone above. I'm having a lot of fun in the garden these days. Thank you all! <3
  6. Oh, this is so much fun! Sending some more and leaving for work.
  7. Sending some flowers but I'm getting sleepy. Scroll: YliahNodel
  8. Sending... Scroll: YliahNodel (Usually I'm not fun even when I try, so please, expect flowers and non-flowers! Haha!)
  9. This update is AWESOME! Thank you! I love the new eggs! Happy birthday, DC!
  10. Thank you, Viridis. My second Aeon. Happy Easter!
  11. No advice works. Met the squirrel and it still stares at me while I keep falling on my bushes. Will we get some coins for cutting the bushes over and over again? /stuck in the bushes FTW!
  12. I simply LOVE today's expectations! No harm can be done. Let's have a little fun instead!
  13. You can play all the games till now. At least, it worked for me. Go back to your home or to the town square and you'll find a quest there. Good Luck! Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for the fun!
  14. I was surprised by the "killing parent" action. First thought was "ok, the dragon are theirs to do whatever they want". But... What if the person with the abandoned egg is not active on forums? What if they simply don't speak English? Or they never check a lineage? I have some friends that play in the "I don't care" mode. So killing a parent will never affect them. Assuming that people will understand the death of a dragon as a retaliation sounds so... Human. Anyways, I return eggs when I realize it is important to someone that seems to play fair. But I also believe in TJ's policy for this game.
  15. I love these Sunstones! #1 and #2 Thank you, Dirtytabs!
  16. Yliah

    Z Project

    Free to good Z Project member home! This red zo3Y7 from the cave. You're welcome, grammydragon.
  17. Yliah

    Z Project

    zYlah: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zYlah NAME: z'Ylah GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Great gift from Lagie LINEAGE: CB Thank you so much, Lagie! I love her.
  18. The other eggs are back. That soon? Hope it doesn't mean the new eggs will be uncommon or rare.
  19. Oh-my-gosh! My scroll looks like a watercolor art! So fancy! This release is absolutely gorgeous! Eggs and hatchlings! I LOVE this game!
  20. Yliah

    Z Project

    Hard decision to make: which one? Grabbed the Zrw9j Blacktip. Thank you, dragonpuck! ETA: it was added to the form already.
  21. Yliah

    Z Project

    Trying again. Freezing is ok if you wish. Also PM if you prefer a direct link. Gone to dragonpuck! ^^