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  1. I've only seen them in the jungle
  2. T666J I think I don't need to explain why this one is awesome
  3. Hello friends! Long time no see. I just wanted to pop in and offer this 6th gen PB black D'Hennegel egg. If you take it, please just let me know, you can post here or pm me. And please carry on the D'Hennegel name! Enjoy!
  4. I just now updated my e-mail address from the horribly outdated one that was listed before. If winners were already drawn, would the notification e-mail go to my old e-mail address or the one that I updated it to a few minutes ago?
  5. Forum ID: Trinity. Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Proof that I read the rules: Shiny happy people I'm assuming that golden wyverns don't count, correct?
  6. Yay, so many new posts while I was neglecting the forums! BD71, I would be honored to breed you an egg, did you want a 5th or a 6th gen? Or either/both? I'll be sure to make a list of all my current D'Hennegel pairs for you... sometime soon... Muile I might be able to help you with a mate for your tinsel, I had a tinsel with a similar lineage but a higher gen that I was working on breeding a mate for. If you're interested I can show you a few options that I could breed for you.
  7. Nope, not me! Although if you'd posted that sooner I probably would have sent you one.
  8. Lol the list is for a 5th even gen pb black Sherry, and I've added you to it! I have a 5th gen mate for Iaru now so, assuming they like each other, the next thing I will (eventually) need is a 6th gen black. I'd also love a sibling of that pretty black egg if you happen to get another one! Adri, I've got you on the list for a sibling of Iacchus, I'll send an egg your way as soon as I get one!
  9. Thanks Lagie! *noms a brownie while I add you to the list* Also if you could change the front page for me BD71, I only have 2 requests left to fulfill so I am going to open up breeding requests again for all my D'Hennegel pairs.
  10. Woah, my blacks actually cooperated for once and gave me an egg right away! I've sent a link to Husker for that eggie, meaning there's still three open spots on the request list if anybody is interested.
  11. Happy belated V-day everyone! My own D'Hennegels haven't been producing much lately but I'm super excited to see all the beautiful new members of the family that you guys have posted on here. BD71 I am super jealous of you for snagging three super low gen D'Hennegels! I never find D'Hennegels on the AP unless they're messy and inbred. If anybody happens to have some purebred blacks laying around waiting for something to do, I am hoping to get a mate for this guy. Any gen helps and I'd be happy to breed something in return. I own his parents so I am also willing to accept up to 4 requests for eggs from Bijou and Seriana.
  12. Simply looking at the golds on people's scrolls I must admit that they are lovely. The old sprites were awesome but outdated, and these do blend better with the newer dragons. However looking at them in lineage pages they're not as distinctive... my eyes were always drawn to golds in lineages, even long and messy ones, because their coloring stood out. The coloring and shading of these sprites makes them blend too much with the tinsels, and they don't seem to pop out in a lineage like they used to. I still think they're beautiful, but just that one aspect bothers me.
  13. I posted last time to show off the new egg I had, and it turned out to be a beautiful blue female. So for those who missed her the first time, I'd like to introduce Anaya D'Hennegel d'Anconia! For those on my list I figured I would wait until after Christmas to try for siblings of her, since people will be busy with the Christmas dragons. If you want one before then, send me a pm and I'll see what I can do. However I won't be on much until after New Year's so don't be upset if I don't reply immediately. Also I said I was glad to be done with my crazy nebula breeding but I just love them so much that I am starting on a new project! It isn't quite as ambitious as my first one was since I already have half of it finished, but I am trying to breed a mate for a sibling of this. Same D'Hennegel ancestors as Anaya has, just a slight change in lineage. I traded for a 2nd gen snow angel from a nebula dad so I can breed one of the third gens I need. But if any of you have the ability to breed a matching third gen, or know anybody who can, I would love you forever and breed you whatever pretty things you want from my scroll. In fact, if you know somebody who has a 2nd gen snow angel that fits the bill, but they don't have a 2nd gen nebula to breed with it, I will breed and raise a hatchie for them until I get one that is purple. Yeah... you can tell I want to do this lineage really bad haha!
  14. Awesome, got all three of you on my list! List is now closed. And thanks for the congrats blackdragon, I'm glad to finally be done with it lol!
  15. Hey everyone! I just stopped by to announce that I've finally completed my goal of breeding a 5th even gen pb D'Hennegel nebula (geeze that's a long list of attributes lol) Here's the new eggy: click here! If it decides to alt I will be looking for a new home for it. Also I am willing to open a list for siblings of it, I reserve claim to the first non-alt hatchie I get from them. I think I'll only take 3 requests right now so if you want one let me know!
  16. I'd love to be on that list if I could, I'm planning to breed a 4th gen pb black myself so one of those babies would be the perfect mate for it.
  17. Ah that's right you do! I have that written down somewhere but I forgot about it until now. I actually promised the nebby to Ldyfsh right before I came on this thread today, but if their next baby turns red then you'll be the first person I'll contact about it! And I personally love that pair, but maybe that's because I own one of their babies.
  18. Hello everyone! Sorry again for my erratic visits, I've hardly been going on the forums much lately. I'm still working on my nebulas, I would have had the last step I needed to breed my 5th gen but she decided to turn red and I needed her to be blue. If anybody wants a pretty even 4th gen pb nebula, shoot me a pm and I will send her to you. She will grow up in 23 hours so I'd like to find a new home for her asap. She isn't a D'Hennegel but I thought maybe somebody here could use her as a mate or something. I haven't had the chance to read all the posts I've missed since the last time I was on this thread but I will try to go back and do that later today after I've gotten some sleep! Also, emerald7fire, if you'd like I could try to breed you a black D'Hennegel mate for your 6th gen. Sadly the mated pair I usually use for even 6th gens would cause inbreeding with your black, but I could go with this pairing instead. It isn't perfect but it would give you D'Hennegel on both sides. kewithegreat- I'm sending you a pm regarding nebulas
  19. Dragon's Code: AVkb Name Proposed: Peppermint Snowball Breed of Dragon: Yulebuck Stage of Dragon: Adult male Discription (optinal): Other Things to be Said: He's the half-brother of my Yulebuck, Peppermint Schnapps d'Anconia
  20. I think this is a cute idea, will you be including the full list on the first post so we can easily see all the wild dragons that have been named?
  21. Wow I swear I watch this thread and then everybody posts when I get distracted! But I love seeing all the lovely new D'Hennegels, congrats to everyone on their beautiful babies! My black D'Hennegels are still being stubborn but I got two nebula babies recently. This beauty is the most recent step towards my 5th even gen pb goal, unfortunately the 2nd gen I needed to breed his mate alted on me so my plans are a bit delayed, but with any luck I should be done within a month. I also managed to breed this egg last night, which makes me very happy because of how much trouble I've had getting that pair to produce prior to this month! This egg is promised to Lagie, but hopefully I'll have babies soon for the other two people on that list.
  22. Very pretty. If you'd like I could breed you a mate with a mirror lineage, it would be a sibling to this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/APSi Also I finally have a cb pair of non-alt nebulas that I can use to finish off my goal of getting a 5th gen pb D'Hennegel nebula! It will be a few more weeks until that is done, but I'll keep you all updated and there might be some babies up for grabs if they decide to turn alt on me.
  23. I have this guy: http://dragcave.net/lineage/AFK15 At least this dragon has the decency to let me know how long he'll be afk for.
  24. I've got some new pairs to register! Female: Nakula d'Anconia, CB Male: Jumeaux d'Anconia, CB Female: Reali d'Anconia, http://dragcave.net/lineage/VSNQ , 2nd gen Male: Gemelo d'Anconia, http://dragcave.net/lineage/qVv5X , 2nd gen Female: Raniel d'Anconia, http://dragcave.net/lineage/auub , 3rd gen Male: Kerwyn d'Anconia, http://dragcave.net/lineage/L6smv , 3rd gen Now to start collecting more CBs to breed another 4th gen.