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Wish list: CB Blusang mate for this, CB New releases. Full list in profile. My Scroll

Adsfg ok… pet fish… One does not simply eat a Melanotaenia boesemani… for example


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    My Wishlist:

    For Lineages:
    -CB Blusang
    -2nd Gen egg (either Moonstone or Silver) from male Silver x female Moonstone
    -2nd gen Silver from male Pink x female Silver
    -Something for http://dragcave.net/lineage/CZw4T (suggestions much appreciated!)

    Because I Like Pretties (aka my I Can Dream list):
    -Shimmers, 4th or lower gen
    -3rd Gen/less metallics and tinsels

    Completing My Scroll and Other:
    -CB Gold, CB Silver
    -CB New Releases