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  1. Aw, I lost two icicles with VERY nice lineages! Oh well, thanks TJ!
  2. Got 33 of em! Im lovin' Chesire smile egg!
  3. Portal 1 was amazing. It was extremly fun and I loved the still alive song <3. Portal 2 will be epic too :U
  4. the universe is so large I say it is likely for at least one more planet to sustain life, maybe not the aliens we see in movies but bactriea and something small like that.
  5. Thanks for letting us know, TJ. *pets her posted images*
  6. On the AP, I went for a leetle tree instead of CB Gold, then relizing I already had a leetle tree :C
  7. I had A LOT of crazy dreams but I had a really odd one a while ago: I was at school, everyone I knew was in a classroom and when I went in everyone was dead. A man was at the front of the room and turned around and tried to shoot at me. I ran and ran, A dog went up to me and told I need to board the next ship to escape the murderer, I grabbed the dog and went onto the boat and the murderer, was the captain on the boat, he shot the dog and I ran and jumped off the boat. I swam untill I reached a small rocky island where the murderer was there also, I found rocks and chucked them at him and hid, soon I found a sword and I had to figh him, I killed him and then I woke up
  8. Nah, you scramble the eggs and feed it to the other dragons
  9. Epic Art is epic. Im not sure whether this is closed or not cause it says CLOSED on the sub title and she takes 3 requests but I see 2 are done, so if it is CLOSED please IGNORE this post if not then: I WANT THIS DRAGON DRAWN! Username: The Dancin' Cat Dragon type: [breed] Thunder and a SPitfire. (Thunder = male, pl0x and spitfire = Female please) DC: [yes/no] Yes If non DC: [name/description/link to picture] Stage of the dragon: [angry, happy, eating, in love,... whatever - a description of how you want it drawn.] In love. Speech Bubble: [yes/no] No If yes, the dragon says:
  10. I managed to snag one of each Fluffy looks really familiar
  11. Thanks so much, pogiwag! Its pretty!
  12. These are all so cute! May I have a thunder dragon? Adult please :3
  13. Thats fine! ^^ And thanks, and again, I love your art :3
  14. I love your Art ;3 Can you do two dragons at once? I WANT AN AVATAR!! Username: The Dancin' Cat Subjects: (What you want on the banner/art!) I would like to have a male thunder dragon siting facing the viewer and a female honey colored ginger cat sitting beside him :3 Color: Can the thunder be regular thunder dragon color? blue,grey electric yellow. Yellow eyes please and can the cat be ginger fur patterns and brown eyes :3 Text, if any: TDC Code word: Cheese ;D EDIT: I edited the form a little :3
  15. Ooh, beaiful art! Congratz on your new tablet~ My username: (Your username) The Dancin' Cat The subject of my request: (The subject; your request) Thunder Dragon? :3 The color scheme: N/a for the natural coloration of the subject, otherwise describe your color scheme. Dark blue with an even darker blue underbelly and yellow sparks flying from it. I would like you to include: Any details you don't want me to forget, such as background, a certain marking, etc: Make it appear male please? I would like it to fit my: Desktop, avatar, signature, etc.: Signiature please :3
  16. I agree with you OuterSpace ^^ I admire ALL spriters of ALL dragons just because they can turn any idea into a masterpiece. But it would be nice for a red or white V-day dragon or something not that pink even though Valentines day is mainly pink XP. But some variety please :3
  17. Go to the cave and cick one that says "this has a sweet smelling ribbon"
  18. Sorry I thought it was kat instead of cat. Back to the topic, The eggs are really nice and the sprtiers did well