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  1. Hopefully this won't be like the datamonster or the lagmonster
  2. I collect One adult and one frozen S2 hatchling. I am trying to get a every sprite I can for my scroll
  3. Is the LOLBRB page the same one that gives you a youtube link if you refresh it a couple times?
  4. I now I am going to get some hate for this, but I do not understand what the big deal is I know that in the terms of service it says not to have more than one scroll which is why I don't do it. I just don't understand why it is such a bad thing.
  5. Oh boy, He is probably going to add the biomes and the other stuff to the site. Yay
  6. thiefofhearts I don't know about you but I hardly ever see a metallic in the AP, I for one have only seen one and that was during that rare breeding during christmas, also Even though some people might toss them back for every 1 of them there are 20 who would keep it
  7. thiefofhearts I do know that a lot of players would like to have any metallic dragons, but unless they can get a linage, a rare on the AP, a vary genorous donator, or something like the giving tree, they are not going to be able to get one. While that might seem like a lot of ways you have to consider how many people play this game. Also I am not confused about the ratios, it is just that I thought that it could go unsaid since most people know about it.
  8. Marie19R while that is true in just the ratio form, but the cave can only have 3 eggs at a time so the less likely a egg is to turn up in the cave more likely other eggs will show up.
  9. Marie19R the reason why I told people to breed their common is all due to the ratios, so if people breed their commons the commons are less likely to be in the cave. I know that if people did that the AP would get a lot more commons, but there are groups set up for dealing with that. So it would be set up so that the cave is more likely to give rares and less likely to give commons
  10. This is a topic that can show you how you can help change the dragon cave for the better. So we all know how valuable a metallic dragon is right? And A cave born metallic is twice as rare right. So I was thinking about the basic mechanics of the game on how the system decided which dragons to put in the cave, it all has to do with ratios. Basically the more a dragon is bred the less likely that it will be in the cave. So I realized something, a way to help every one get what they want Cave born metallics. but I need every ones help in order to do this. What we have to do is stop breeding the e
  11. I usually wait a day before posting them then i start off with two, increased to 4 when it has 4 1/2 days. After they hatch I use two more and leave it like that. If has not gendered when it has 4 1/2 I put in on 2 more hatcheries. I have yet to have one be sick or die
  12. If I were to get honolrable mention could I get a fog egg?
  13. I saw this post and decided to to make a story about the origins for the mint dragon. Once long ago there were lizard, over time they started to evolve at first they only increased in size but they did eventually develop wings and evolved into what we now call dragons. How ever this story is not about the normal dragons this is a story about what we refer to as Mint dragons. As the lizards were evolving into the dragons. A small group of them wander off into a underground lair, thus they were cut off from the rest of their species and developed into something different. So while the other
  14. That is a good idea kadoatie, and I do agree that with a question like that there can be several different answers. How ever you should not tell people not ask questions because some people might just want to know the value of their egg not what they can trade it for and that is fine. Also because you asked the question "what's a mid-gen silver worth?" I will answer it. In my opinion it all depends on the linage. If it is from one of the valuable linage such as a dorkface or a thuwed then I would class it as a rare, maybe even high rare if it is not inbred. If it is just from a common linage I
  15. This the answer to love_HP question. Now that is a tough question actually because there has been no official word as to wether or not it is considered rare or uncommon. How ever in my opinion I would consider it rare, although some people might disagree with me. I say this because there is no way to get a cheese except by cave drops because you can not breed it, and the fact that I have not seen a cheese in the cave for a long time. I hope this helps thanks for posting. Edit: 2 things 1. Thank you for the tip Mustangs44, 2. Thank you Mustangs44 for posting an answer I hope more people will
  16. Thank you for posting Outer Space, although I would have preferred it if you had said something positive instead. If you didn't notice this topic is not for deciding the exact currency rate for a dragon instead it is here just to give advice for people who have questions, also this is for all dragons not just the rare dragons and if you would notice in the rare trading center is there so you can put up offers for trades, not get advice about them.
  17. This is the answer for arabian sparkle's question A cave born Vine I would say that it is an uncommon, but if you wait till it hatches and it is alt series then it would be a rare. I would class a cave born sun song as common or possibly uncommon if it has not been seen in the caves recently. As for a 4th generation white with some good linages I would say that it is considered rare( how ever I only say that because the rare trading topic says that any dragon with a good linage and is under 7th gen. is considered rare) Thank you for being the first one to post and I hope that this helps Edit
  18. Have you ever had a person offer you a trade and not be sure that it is fair? Have you ever offered a player what you thought was a fair trade but have the player accuse you of trying to cheat them? Do you wonder what the value of your egg/hatchling is? If so you have come to the right place this is a post that is dedicated to answer those very questions and many more. Now this forum is hear to merely give you advice, not to tell you what to do. Now you can do what ever you want because every one has their own definition of rare. If you came to post a question please go ahead and if you don'
  19. I'm a newbie so I don't really have any rares though I do have thuwed seasonal dragon I think
  20. I think that the large red thing is not a tree topper but instead it is a fancy type of ornament
  21. Awesome love these contest, can't wait till I get my second egg. I wonder who will win the decorating contest.