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I accept IOUs 2gxllc4.pngaltswee.png112exe8.jpgARK2-1.gifDCONE.png2yjv50j.jpg

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    The Athdaraxen is a very rare type of black dragon mainly seen in Original Works. She has a very high level of intelligence and has a rather strange hobby of drawing banners and other types of art. She is often stalking forum-goers, so watch your back! Be very careful not to offend the Athdaraxen, for she does like to bite occasionally . . .
    I do accept and deal with IOUs.

    Please refer to the following lists....
    Wishlist! (updated 1/11/14)

    -I Hoard.....-
    -CB or PB Night Glory egg (CB or PB. I hoard them. :3)
    -PB/CB Nebula
    -CB Seawyrm Pygmies

    -I Like...-
    -CB/Low Gen Pink
    -CB Sunsongs
    -CB Olive (Hatchlings only)
    -CB Tri-Horn
    -CB Hatchlings of anything not mentioned below

    -Don't Have Yet...-
    -CB Gold
    -CB Silver
    -CB Copper (Any)
    -CB Blusang
    -CB Black Capped Teimarr
    -CB Black Tea
    -CB Blacktip
    -CB Bleeding Moon
    -CB Duotone
    -CB Imperial Fleshcrowne
    -CB Red-finned Tidal
    -CB Royal Crimson
    -CB Tsunami Wyvern
    -CB Yellow-Crowned
    -CB Ice
    -CB Magma



    List of Awesome People:

    Christmas 2010
    -The lovely TCA promised a wonderful little Holly to me next year! Thank you again for your kindness!!!

    -Thank you B. for gifting me my first Gold and catching the impossible.

    Valentine's Day 2011
    -Thank you A. for the '09 Valentine's Dragon promise, sorry I missed them.... You are so awesomely smart. Thanks again for all you help! <3

    -Thank you 0no, you are a truly kind person! You made my Valentine's dream come true with a sucsessful '09 trade!! <3

    -Thank you S. for the wonderful Sweetlings on Valentine's day '11!!! <3

    -Thank you E.D. for my first Silver. You are truly kind and I am glad I can help you grab those eggs!

    -Thanks M. for my two Lovely Trios... they are my first Magma and Ice Dragons!!! You are so awesome. *tackle glomps*

    -Thanks S. B. for the beautiful Thunder egg.... I finally have a Trio set!!!

    Thank you all for your help and kindness. :)

    (No full names given to protect these kind people from PM spam. They know who they are. :) )

    Tinsel List---
    EL x1
    K x3