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    I've been away from dragoncave for a while and my scroll was a mess: I'm trying to clean it up but it might take a while! If you want me to try and breed you something, ask me please!

    Things I'm working on for my scroll:
    -Get a pair of CB dragons for every breed of dragon
    -Try to freeze one of every hatchling sprites!
    -Start a nice lineage project
    -Gift to everyone!

    https://goo.gl/n6Azp1 MATES I NEED
    https://goo.gl/iwM8ym CB DRAGONS not finished yet

    Owed to me:

    I owe:

    Complete IOUS:
    21 Olive hatchlings to shopfront
    Cavern Lurker from Orxandir Na Phoenix and Tyl Na Phoenix to Forever_Mone