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  1. I Saw this thread and decided I had to perticapate, turns out that I pair I wanted to use already had a few kids and I managed to get a nice egg: My Egg . I'm doing a purple dorsal x daydream lineage that I might be calling the Purple Hope lineage. Sadly these guys are only at 3rd gen right now but eventually I hope to get to about 10th gen or so. Also I have another pair of siblings from the same parents that I'm going to use for a side lineage. I think I'll call this one Dreams of Darkfins. =) I love the idea of this project and I have seen so many beautiful inbread lineages posted here. I'm hoping my lineages will take off but mostly my dragons say Not Interested,and I need a mate for my new egg >_<. Oh well I'll get one eventually though I was wondering if the name Purple Hope is good for my lineage? I like it but I'm not sure it fits.
  2. I have: TFAQ: a white who I named The Frequently Asked Questions. :3 ZZDg: Makes me think of a sleeping dog. PPAX: I just thought this one was cool. 0kTj: there is also a dragon in her lineage with Bot2 for a code. tg76: Tag 76 is her name.
  3. Mine were: A CB black, a CB Dorsal (purple kind), a CB Grey and a Frill. I still Have all of these guys. :3
  4. I'm in too, Cream Cheese Enchalada! I'll be watching 9BjW, UZ9q, OmV2, HaEe, BpLD, M6th, psNI, PuG2, gx9s, 8xRd and P50S for now and I also will be watching any children any of these guys have in the future. They are three families and a few spare dragons that I liked.
  5. I snached an egg with the code: K4BA. It made me think of the name Kiba so that's what I named him. I also have a horse dragon with the code:Vip6 (Caps messed) and it's name is Very Important Pony.
  6. 1. Vampire Dragons. There guys have always been favorite of mine and I thin the sprites are great. The BSA is also great even though the eggs can repulse/die. I cant seem to get enough of these guys and I hope that they don't change to much. 2. Dorsal Dragons. My first dragon Zantiy is a Dorsal and she will always be my favorite dragon I have. The sprites for these guys are amazing and it's so cool that a purple dorsal can lay a red egg when her mate isn't red either. 3. I'm saving this one for a breed of dragon thats not out yet.
  7. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." ____________________________________________________________________ Me and my sister both took this oath