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  1. Love this event and this year's breed is just beautiful! But has anyone heard anything about the two unobtainable flowers yet?
  2. Love the eggs this year! Already caught my limit in the early morning hours last night (and created 2 more zombies) and also finished trick or treating so now I can sit back and relax. Thanks to TJ and all the spriters & artists for another awesome Halloween event! I can't wait to see the dragons as adults.
  3. Hang on.... Are their 48 eggs or more? It's late here and I'm a bit confused.
  4. Oh wow, I don't think I've ever caught the holiday drop so fast. Got both within the first minute I log on to catch. I'll probably never be able to do that again. Can't wait to see what they grow up to be. An early 'thanks a million' to TJ and the spriters to putting an awesome event together once again. And I'm loving the flower event, I can't wait to start sending some out and seeing what I can get back!
  5. Well I've collected everything and finished the cooking event. Now to go try for a Holly (if there are any left) I've had no luck catching the two dozen I've seen in the last few days. Might have to wait until next year to complete my Christmas collection. If all else fails, I'll stalk the cave for some CB beauties or unwanted lovelies from the AP. Thanks so much to TJ and all the spriters for coming up with this awesome set of festivities. I can't wait to see what this year's dragon will be.
  6. Super fast drops, but I caught 4 of the little beauties already! Good thing I wasn't egglocked, I kinda had a feeling there'd be another release before the holidays. I'm glad I wasn't wrong. Can't wait to see what these little ones grow up to be. And, may I already say in advance, thanks to TJ and the spriters for giving us more dragons to collect.
  7. Thanks so much Rubyshoes and kin_sedren. 15 more to go!
  8. @MindsEye - Me too! And, not meaning to break up the conversation in progress, but can someone tell me exactly how many items for the ToT this year? I know there was a period where they weren't dropping (I'm finding them just fine now) but I never heard anything beyond 33, which I've already surpassed.
  9. Oh gosh I am such a dork. I was clicking on the wrong stall the whole time. Thanks so much to everyone that helped, now I've finally completed the Aliset activity. Now off to egg hunt while Trick-or-Treating! Also, I forgot to give a shout out to TJ and all the spriters. Thanks for making this what's sure to be a terrifically spook-tacular Halloween. And I kinda can't wait to see what this year's holiday dragon will be.
  10. Thanks for all the help you guys. I've gotten the pumpkin, bucket, moon and map, but I can't find the pretty vial/potion bottle with the dragon wrapped around it. I've searched the stalls and shops, can anyone tell me where it's at?
  11. Alright, my internet's been on the fritz for the last 36 hours (I've already missed the beginning of Halloween festivities all over the place) and I really have no idea if or when it's going to shut off again, so would someone do me a favor please? Can you guys tell me what items I'm missing from my inventory and where to find them? I have 29 currently and can't find the other 5 items (there are 34 right?) Anyways, help would be very much appreciated! Also, how many items for the Trick-or-Treat event this year?
  12. I was wondering when the next release was going to happen. So glad I was completely unlocked. Just caught my first pair of Blusangs on day three of hunting *does mini happy dance* and my Olives and Brimstones just hatched as well. And as always a massive thank you to TJ and the spriters! I can't wait until my little ones grow up and plan to freeze some Brimstone hatchies as well. I think I might like them even more than the adults. They're too adorable. Well good luck to all those still hunting. I'm off to organize my scroll and stalk the AP.
  13. Finally, after 19 hours I've gotten a pair of each breed. Now off to incubate and influence!
  14. Ah! A new release! *Trips over feet trying to free herself from previous egglock* Thanks so much to the spriters and to TJ of course! (Congrats on your new place!) And of course... Happy birthday DC! Just breed two of the new 'very warm, sitting in strong sunlight' eggs. Plus an another one accidentally. Can't wait to hatch my Ice later on so I can clear space for pairs of the other new breeds as well.
  15. Bred my two pairs of Turps for offspring. Got one Egg, and one No Interest. Hopefully I'll have better luck and get my second egg next time.
  16. Like many have already said, it helps if you turn off JavaScript. Google the instructions for your browser if you're not exactly sure how to go about it. I also disable my images from loading and turn off my pop-up blocker. (Though you might want to keep that on just in case. I have good security software and have never had any pop-up issues on DC so I feel fairly safe doing so.) Then Refresh like crazy! It's the only way I can ever get any new releases or holiday drops.
  17. Wonderfully locked in two drops. Now it's time to set back and wait. *Edit* I did the same thing with about 5 tabs (that's all my little processor can handle ) and found it best to just use my one. Things somehow worked better that way. An advanced 'Thank You' to TJ and the spriters. Very interested to see what this breed looks like.
  18. I knew it! I was wondering when the next new drop was going to be. Good thing I had a funny feeling I needed to free up all of my egg slots this week! Can't wait to grab a couple of these smelly little beauties.
  19. So pretty! I caught this little guy a few days ago. He must have been the wrong color, his lineage is just too awesome! I also got this big fella a while back. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw his lineage. Now I just have to find a mate for him, wish me luck. Haha!
  20. Bred three of my five adults (kept one of each for trading) and in turn got the last '09 Valentine I needed. I'll breed my other two later in the week but for now I get to sit back and try to catch the little rares that come through the AP, until the 14th that is. I can't wait to see what this year's breed will be. Also super excited for another holiday event. I wonder what it could be!?
  21. Hey, the adults are up! I'm so glad I got a pair of both. And I'll definitely be grabbing more of the Golden Wyverns in the near future. Does anyone else think they're absolutely gorgeous? Anyways, thanks again to TJ and all the spriters for another awesome release.
  22. Finally got a pair of each and one extra moonlight. Thanks to T.J. and the spriters for the little beauties. I was wondering if we were going to have another release before Valentine's day.
  23. Completely agree. I like my wreath just fine (it could be better, I'll admit it) but I was just starting out last year so I had no clue about release or special little things that go on during holiday events, like the tree decorating. Needless to say, I ran out of time and half of my ornaments aren't even attached to my tree. Anyways, a cut-off date would be nice. (Reopening would be even better, though I doubt it will happen.) We can all finalize our designs and be at least a bit happy with what we create in the end.
  24. Caught another pair this afternoon, that takes my total to four new Hallows. Now to decide whether to ditch the 2nd Gen PB Marrow I grabbed and get another pair OR to grab one more and trade for a mate for the Marrow. I'm torn!
  25. Finally! Caught a pair. It only took an act of congress and disabling my images and JavaScript, but I did it! Time to get to bed (which is fine by me considering it looks like the cave just crashed) and hunt again tomorrow. Night everyone!