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onyx-dragoness.png75px.gifsl181t.pngSiggyBadge-Thuwed.pngLooking for Shimmers, Neglecteds & Male Alt Vines!Willing to breed upon request or if you want to trade check my Wishlist. Don't be afraid to PM, I won't bite.

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    Music, writing, art and of course Dragon Cave!

    Breeding Request:
    *2nd Gen Thunder/Purple or Daydream on 5/22*
    *2nd Gen Ridgewing (White Dad/Ridge Mom) on 8/22*

    *3rd EG B.Marrow for reaperegg*

    P.S. All dragons wished for would be Non-Inbreds!

    | ~ Needed for Scroll Completion ~ |
    Guardian of Nature
    Holly - Male & Female
    Neglected - Male, Female & Ungendered
    Ridgewing (Tan) - Female
    Silver- Male
    Alt. Vine - Male

    | ~ Rares ~ |
    CB/PB Gold
    CB/PB Silver
    *CB Blacks
    *Alt Vine Hatchlings
    Neglected (Wishful thinking)

    | ~ Trios ~ |
    1x CB & 2x PB Ice
    1x CB & 2x PB Magma
    2x CB & 1x PB Thunder

    | ~ Uncommon ~ |
    1x CB & 1x PB White Stripe (Actually I need all color Stripes)
    2x CB & 2x PB Red Dorsal

    | ~ Holidays Needed for Scroll Completion ~ |
    2x Holly (Christmas '07)
    {Again, Wishful thinking....}

    | ~ Personal Lineages ~ |
    I want to be able to breed PB 3rd Gens of Every Common from the dragons off my scroll.
    Yeah I know, crazy goal. :blink:

    Therefore I'd like any 2nd Gen PB Common eggs of the following breeds:

    Balloon - Black - Deep Sea
    Day Glory Drake
    Dorsal (Red)
    Grey - Mint
    Neotropical - Ridgewing (Tan)
    Royal Blue - Stone
    Season (Spring) Season (Autumn)

    *Any color Stripes*
    *Dark Mist & Crimson Flare Pygmies*

    -Searching for:
    2nd Gen Electric (CB Electric x CB Thunder)
    2nd Gen Grey (CB Thunder Father x CB Grey Mother)
    2nd Gen Two-Finned Bluna (CB Deep x CB Skywing)
    2nd Gen Purple Dorsal (PB Red Dorsal Lineage)
    2nd Gen Nebula (CB Ice x CB Nebula)
    2nd Gen Pink (CB Pink x CB Ice)
    2nd Gen Thunder (CB Electric x CB Thunder)
    2nd Gen White (CB White x CB Red/Ember/Magma/Gold)
    3rd Gen Balloon (CB Balloon x CB Pink Staircase)
    ---Good match to mate (gNAV)
    3rd Gen Bright-Breasted Wyvern (CB BBW x CB Ribbon Dancer GrandParents)
    ---Good match to mate (BaMI)
    3rd Gen Canopy (CB Sweetling x CB Canopy GPs)
    ---Good match to mate (hj7Y)
    3rd Gen Spring (CB Spring x CB Rosebud/Valentine GPs)
    ---Good match to mate (GROp)
    3rd Gen Sunset (CB/PB Sunrise Parents & CB Sunset Staircase)
    ---Good match to mate (X6u8)
    3rd Gen White (CB Magma x CB White Checkerboard)
    ---Good match for (Ioe7)
    4rd Gen Shallow Water (CB Water x CB Magi Alternating Great GPs)
    ---Mate for (R1BSE)

    Plus, I'd like to give a big thank you to all those who have gifted and or traded with me so I can have a wonderful collection of dragons. :)
    I wish I could remember your names and thank you personally, but this'll have to do.