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  1. Have: BUTTS rainbow egg, only 5 exist. Offer what you think's fair, please no rare x rare/holiday. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. So wait, there's no raffle this year?
  3. ... *discreetly continues to collect eggs*
  4. I have 10 eggs so far. I failed so hard this year.
  5. *flails* What the heck is up with breeding? On my 2nd try I managed to get a shimmer from a GREEN, and now I'm trying to finish my lineage with Black Crayon and I can't even get a fail .-. I hope they're not becoming impotent or anything >:V *smacks BUTTS' genes*
  6. Yeah uhhh I know this was supposed to happen but it didn't for me, one way or another. I don't know how it was calculated, but I ended up with a falconiform dragon from having 5/70 meats. There should have been a lot more riding on the primary need rather than secondary. Magic(28/70) Meat(5/70) Shinies(70/70) Sweets(8/70) Misc.(51/70) Those are my stats. Still don't know how a falconiform, whose primary need is meat and secondary is shinies overpowered every single dragon whose primary need was shinies. Now look >8C That's a neverending bickering couple if I ever saw one. I dunno, maybe it's my ND's thing >3> At least it wasn't a holiday.
  7. So I just read that falconiforms want meat as a primary and shinies as a secondary. I have 5/70 meats and 70/70 shinies. I really wish I knew how these were calculated. This couple looks like they bicker 24/7. Maybe that's my ND's thing o_0
  8. "After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Gamble has attracted an admirer: a falconiform wyvern! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company." .-. I was hoping for a Pyralspite for my ND. On one hand, it's not a holiday, which is very good, but on the other, it's a falconiform and I don't really like them much >3> Overall, meh.
  9. grishiu

    DC Lore AMA

    Could you explain how freezing works a little more? And maybe reviving? I think somewhere in this thread you talked about how humans don't really have a lot of magic, but I think "reviving" is quite a powerful spell considering that you are reanimating something to possess life again. And considering that certain dragons have very strong magical properties, why don't they revive their fallen companions? Is there like some kind of magic block or something or is it just like, a forbidden practice for them to tamper with the laws of life?
  10. grishiu

    DC Lore AMA

    As far as chickens go, they don't really have any magic properties or anything (except maybe that elusive rainbow chicken.) So, why don't dragons eat all of our chickens?
  11. grishiu

    DC Lore AMA

    What's beyond the map that we explore? Moar dragons? Will the map ever get an extension?
  12. grishiu

    DC Lore AMA

    About Heartstealers: Do they often get caught stealing things, because their body is so shiny and attention drawing that it seems rather unlikely they'd be able to steal anything unless they covered themselves in coal dust. Also, they don't really have very many places to hide stolen artifacts (except maybe in that thin mane they have.) Does their stealing lead to feuding, because I doubt every person would react like "welp, I've think I've lost my valuable scroll" or "I can't find my jewels I guess I'll go buy some more." Does their gifting ever backfire and cause wars, because after people try and move on from the misfortune of losing a possibly irreplaceable item only to find out that their neighbor mysteriously acquired it on Valentine's day might have some rather aggressive results.
  13. An updated version of my cave. Still very boring. Now that the deep sea decided to sit herself inside my cave, I'm going to have to move things around. Dang it.
  14. I found this year having a rather poor selection of codes for myself. Maybe that's just bad luck or something but I didn't see all that many fantastic codes. However, I'm happy with what I got. Gifted 2 of the codes I grabbed and was lucky enough to snag the code ROXas 40 minutes or so before the cave stopped dropping the new vals. So, I guess it kind of balanced itself out this year :B
  15. My cave is so boring lol. A suitable cave for an ND.
  16. So far this event is confusing, but I'm hoping it slowly unveils itself. I chose a CB ND and I've attracted a Shadow Walker. Has anybody else attracted one of those? I see a few people attracting harvests. Maybe it's because my colour scheme is more lined up with my ND than just "pick what I like" stuff o3o I need tomorrow to come faster so that this damn Shadow Walker can either leave or be more interested in my ND >8C
  17. Thought I'd make myself a new forum set mwhahaha. BUTTS-tastic~
  18. So today I just realized that not one, but TWO people have based their prize codes off the magnificent BUTTS. I feel speshul <3
  19. grishiu

    The name traders!

    Opening up my scroll (click my sig below) for name trading! Please note: Some of my names I am not willing to trade. Please don't be offended if I refuse to trade a name with you. For more wanted names, I seek rarer dragons. Below are some things I will (nearly) bend over backwards for: - Names of months or seasons - Names of Santa's reindeer - First names of the ATLA main cast - 2nd gen gold shimmer or tinsel - CB NDs - CB NDs with good codes * the ones in bold are highly sought after Please PM me with the name(s) you're interested in and we can discuss
  20. My code wasn't taken mwahahaha. Y'all better hope I don't get a redraw prize ;D
  21. Have: 3rd gen from Penk CB magma CB chicken Want: OFFER~ It can be dragons, or really good names (like the ones on my scroll; specifically English 1 word names) Auto: Names of Santa's reindeer Names of months or seasons ATLA main character names 2nd gen gold shimmer/tinsel*** Some notes on what NOT to include in your offer: - Anything rare x rare/holiday because ew - Long gen shimmers/tinsels - Even gens .-. I like my stairsteps~ - NO THUWEDS ALLOWED Trade link: You animals aren't getting one since you like to viewbomb my scroll. Control yourselves, you little . Please send all offers in PM. ON A SEPARATE NOTE: I am looking for a 2nd gen gold shimmer and a 2nd gen gold tinsel to trade for. Please PM me if you are trading~
  22. Actually Zav I was a redraw. 3rd place was the place I was emailed with. Here's how last year worked: Original winners were emailed and given the options to stick with their prize, or downgrade to a HM (I think this was an option, anyways.) After that, if there were no answers or spots became available afterward, there was an option that asked winners if they would like to have their prize be bumped up. Once everybody got what they wanted in the first round, there was still excess spots that needed to be filled. These were 3rd place spots and HMs. I was lucky and got a 3rd place shimmer c: THIS year, things will be different. There is no longer an option to upgrade/downgrade, so winners get whatever prize they placed. This means that the redraws have a chance as gold, silver, AND bronze prizes 8D Exciting! Also thanks for bringing up BUTTS c: He needs more fans
  23. Have: 3rd gen silver tinsel from Penk Want: OFFER~ I have no idea what I want yet so just put in what you think is worth a 3rd gen from penk. Some notes on what NOT to include in your offer: - Anything rare x rare/holiday because ew - Long gen shimmers/tinsels - Even gens .-. I like my stairsteps~ - NO THUWEDS ALLOWED Trade link: http://dragcave.net/teleport/90afb483f1816...8b80802cad27142 ON A SEPARATE NOTE: I am looking for a 2nd gen gold shimmer and a 2nd gen gold tinsel to trade for. Please PM me if you are trading~ Always looking for good names to trade for! Got good names? PM me~ ^^ Bump Trade has been cancelled ~Unacceptable comment removed~Take your anger off the forum.
  24. HELLO EVERYBODY~ So I've had this deep sea in my signature forever, and I figured I might as well change it to something I've always wanted in my signature: BUTTS! So, when started sketching, I was going wherever the pencil was taking me, with only BUTTS' personality in mind. He's got a story on his page going and stuff, and basically he's this high and mighty "King" that's mean, rude, and conceited. This is what I ended up with. Somehow. Now I'm not sure if I should continue with it and make it a signature or not So, HELP ME DECIDED, GUYS. To BUTTS, or not to BUTTS?