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  1. :grins: I went off breeding mine tonight and got two blunas out of 5 breedings! However, one of them is an accidental inbred DOH! Still, a bluna's a bluna, and a fail's a fail, and I got 2 failfishes and a failbluna for my trouble. Wow, this is more fun when the bluna's the disappointment! ;D
  2. -your forum name: son_in_aquarius -your scroll name: son_in_aquarius -and whether you take part in the failbluna or failshallow lineage projects. Trust me, I'll be doing both I've been participating since I showed up in the cave! I had no idea!
  3. It would be my Thuwed/striped Bluna. Which is still an egg
  4. I only have two CB females right now; I even caught the first split by accident, but I quickly fell in love with them! They're so cute! Soon as I have breedable pairs, I'll let you know!
  5. Jumping in with both feet! Urged Lismoult Dorkface CAPTCHA has arrived...but the poor thing is so inbred I doubt I'd ever use it...unless I wanted a three eyed six winged hurrrdurrr sort of dragon Wait. I might.
  6. Joining Form Forum Name: Son_in_Aquarius Scroll user name: Son_in_Aquarius Skywing gender preference: Male Willing to breed for others: Not Yet Gender of participating Skywings: Both Which generations can be bred: 2nd for now