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    Kerrville, Tx, USA
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    Hobbies: Reading, Breeding my DC dragons, Listening to music, Playing final fantasy VIII, X, X-2, Crisis Core, Devil May Cry 1, and Pokemon.

    Some of my dragons have permanent mates so please ask for breed not specific parents unless the child is wanted for a lineage project.

    Also, please PM me your scroll link or have it in your signature. Thank you.

    I please request that any dragon bred from my scroll be named. You can name it what ever you want unless otherwise asked by myself. Thank you for your consideration.

    Uncommon Wish list

    2nd gen Pure Bred Stripes (any color will do)
    2nd gen Pink from Frill and Old Pink parents
    2nd Gen Black from Black mother and Cavern Lurker Father (at least 6 by next Halloween)
    2nd Gen Cavern Lurkers from Black mother and Cavern Lurker Father (at least 6 IOU's for next Halloween, willing to offer Purebred 2nd gen Shadow Walkers and Cavern Lurkers in exchange, one per each egg offered.)

    Auto-accepts (at the moment) See above for more common Auto Accepts. XD

    2nd Gen Reds

    Rare Wish List

    2nd gen Holly (will breed or give just about anything for one of these and I will accept IOU's as it's currently the only Christmas dragon I don't have.)
    Neglected! (Would Love one of these so much!)