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  1. http://new.gpxplus.net/main
  2. Four mini burgers with layers of flavor - applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, sauteed onions, and ranch. Served with crispy onion strings, homestyle fries and ranch dressing. o.O ^
  3. 8/10 I've seen you a lot in the game section .
  4. SoiledLove soils herself in when she hears the word love .
  5. ChocoBrownie likes to secretly take photos of people at Walmart .
  6. I is cute gothic unicorn , now I sleep
  7. Right at this moment I am playing pokemon Colosseum... But as I type this I am switching to Skyrim . Haha
  8. http://www.wajas.com/waja.php?id=4780315
  9. I LOVE BUFFY ! *noms* I am watching the third season finale as I type this . I have all the comic books , all of the Angel comic books , and I'm trying to get the Spike comics too . I love Giles . He makes me laugh . I'm kinda sad that the show ended . I wish they would bring it back .
  10. I have watched the first season and some of the second . It is quite tasteful . The meaning behind the tv series is very deep , and not many know that there is a meaning , they think its a zombies show . Haha . But I love the show and I'm starting to read the comics .
  11. For me it all depends on the company . Ben and jerrys - Red Velvet haagen dazs - buttery pecan Ice cream shoppes - cotton candy or mint
  12. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus Lady in a Blue Dress - Senses Fail
  13. Darkdesire


    Ohh , I like the dubstep remake of Lost Woods ! *hums melody du to du , du to du *
  14. Ahh , as someone in the culinary arts program , I have to say its a good back up but not my first choice . I want to be an embalmer or go into the field of neurosurgery . From food to brains and cadavers .
  15. I had a crush on him when I was little ^ haha . And at the moment I love Friender from Casshern Sins .
  16. I love Canada , Japan , and Norway . I need to get back to watching it . ha
  17. Man vs Food Buffy the Vampire Slayer Charmed Super Jail Greys Anatomy Melissa and Joey Ren and Stimpy Theres more but I have too many...
  18. You know you played Batman too long when you use mister freezes name causally everyday . Or when you suggest to someone to use there batarang in real life .
  19. I just got this bad boy .
  20. I hate that also . Or when you look at the item and just your size is sold out . The worst is when you order it and the next day its free shipping or it is on sale .