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  1. Really wish this would have been spanning the whole week of Halloween :C It's not possible for me to get all of them. 31/94, I don't... and didn't... have time for this at all D:
  2. Lol, my male Hellfire is named "Anger Management plz" and his offspring that I dropped at the AP was named by its new owner: "I'M NOT ANGRY AND I HAVE A KNIFE" I lul'd
  3. My latest female: Miss Sparkleface others: Tony the Tiger Bella is a Dorkface I'm coocoo for cocoa puffs (Count chocula was already taken :C) Mars' Olympus Mons CAPS-LOCK (since his parents had caps names lol) so i herd u liek vampierz
  4. Lulz, Teej is a l33t m4st4h 3000 of time and space.
  5. Ok guys listen. Lets not get this topic locked because of our own foolishness (and to those who like to sit on the pity pot, NO I am not calling names, some people are being a bit unreasonable here). First and foremost, internets is not srs bzns. And most of all, DRAGCAVE is not srs bzns. This is a GAME. About collecting, and skill with raising dragons from eggs to adults, and grabbing new, rare, and interesting dragons for our collections' or breeding purposes. If this were all easy, if the drops lasted 4 days or whatever, if all the whining newbs got a congratulatory gold dragon for sit
  6. I WILL have a Nebula army. 8)
  7. And to add, they're going to be COMMON soon anyway, once the hype dies down. It's not like TJ is going to insta-retire them once people with fast connections grabbed them all, lolz. I like to take this time while the AP is blocked to work on nabbing more eggs to complete other parts of my collection. And with all the hype about the Mayhem eggs, Vamps are easier to catch in the AP. oops... shouldn't have said that....
  8. inb4 lock, lulz. Anyway, I hoard inbred and messy-lineaged Albinos. Does that make me a pig? Out of the tens of thousands of members here, there may be someone else looking for inbred and messy-lineaged Albinos and I may have taken eggs from the AP before they could. So I guess I could be called a pig and a greedy hoarder? People are going to be pigs ANYWHERE. IRL, on the internets, wherever. So do you knock on the doors of people living in the Hamptons and call them pigs for hoarding all their money? I don't think so. This is just a game, guys. y so srs?
  9. Lol, I got myself a Vamp because of the Mayhem eggs.
  11. Heeee. I am SO having a Nebula Army.
  12. Gots me the TJ egg! 17 down, 21 to go..!
  13. *eagerly awaits for the clock to reach :30 so I can get another egg* Is the consensus officially 12 minutes?
  14. Got 10 eggs, my last one being the spring landscape egg x3 only 28 more to go~
  15. HA. GOT THE SWAN EGG. Now srsly. Time for srs sleeps.
  16. Six.... *screams and poofs*
  17. caught a fifth one. O: GAH! *forces self to go to bed*
  18. whup both sunsongs grew up... oh well o.o
  19. The Female Sunsong looks remarkably similar to the Male Bluna. Just noticed. X) They're all beautiful, btw. Also, TJ probably hasn't been online to freeze them.
  20. wrong The Avatar egg is the egg with blue stripes and glowing white dots in a line and a half down the right side.
  21. Hehehe, got four eggs now. I need to sleep though. If I wanted, I would stay up all night (well, morning...) for this o.o;; BUT sleep beckons!