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  1. Character is stuck on the map in an area that cannot access any exit. I am stuck on the cliff in the top right corner of the first map. There doesn't appear to be a way for me to reset my progress either so I cannot progress any further in the game.
  2. because i left my cave blank with the exception of 10 items, thinking the mates would be assigned on the 21st. Made more sense it would be done like that since we actually still received more items today even after being assigned a mate. the whole event wasn't explained very well tbh and this was icing on the cake. a lot of people have had issues with it aside from just "wrong mate" Honestly, half the reason i stopped decorating my cave was I was tired of erasing every individual item after placing it, from a lack of a "clear all button". The other half was confusion over dragons not changing for a portion of the week until a new day began (and then changing every hour, regardless if any changes where made to your cave or not). I'm glad your happy with your results but there's plenty of legitimate reasons for others to be less than happy.
  3. That seems to have done it. Well at least my cave won't be mostly naked now. Thanks. I still wish there was a chance to change dragons. I don't think it was explained very and there was a lot of misunderstanding in general over this event.
  4. No, I'm on a PC. And it worked fine a few hours ago when it was still the 19th.
  5. Wow are you serious? That really sucks. For one I don't have a button regardless of what changes I make and secondly had I known that I would be stuck with the dragon today instead of on the 20th I would have redone my cave entirely instead of waiting to getting my items and then decorating. The description led me to believe that everything "final" would be done on the 21st and not before.
  6. I dont have a button for saving my editted cave. Does this mean I'm stuck with the same cave and same mate?
  7. Is the event supposed to be over? TJ's post said the 21st but it's only the 20th.
  8. I thought the event lasted until the 21st. Why did my dragon choose a mate already? =/
  9. The dragons are changing more than once an hour now. Is this happening to other people?
  10. Devs already stated many times the Warden's story is over. They want to, and have, moved on to telling other stories. There's likely to be more cameos by old party members, or expanded roles but bringing back old player toons is tricky.
  11. Well that make sense. Got a red some time early this morning but hadn't changed it until recently. it must have changed prior to the hour when i was fiddling around and then when the hour changed, again to reflect the updated status.
  12. i just had 3 different dragons visit me in the past 10 minutes after rearranging my cave. very unusual given that ever since the event started i could only ever get 1 visitor per day. anyone else get this?
  13. Whites were the first thing that came to mind. Of course the last two male Valentine Dragons (Radiant Angel and Heartseeker) would also be a nice, matching color scheme. There's also Reds and Crimson dragons. Of course, other shinies like Silvers, Golds and gold Wyverns are always great combos. If we are going by different colors though, I think either lighter bright colors would complement, or very deep dark colors for the contrast. light/bright: Purples, Daydream, bleeding moon, horse, Fleshcrown, Waters, Ice dark/deep: Nhiostrife, Royal Blue, Ember, Falconiform, Green Nebula, Black edit: looks like others beat me to post a few of my recommendations
  14. The "slenderness" is part of the lore - its in the description that their sleekness helps them with their thieving. Plus the fact that they are Easterns (which we have far too few of) - it's just their body shape much the same way Radiant Angels are. There are lots of 'chunky' dragons - in fact the exact opposite of what you lament can be said for Christmas dragons. Dragons an be formidable but that's not always the case as can be seen if you just browse though the Encyclopedia to see all the different species. It's merely one perception and not necessarily universally shared.
  15. Clearly this dragon was made with me in mind. (just kidding) I like how they form a heart with their pose though
  16. a lot of these are really good and kind of hilarious. i wish i could thumbs up or "like" them lol
  17. Final Fantasy 14, Scholar. Amdapor Keep HM - after fighting the boogey man sub boss my ps3 disconnects and my party runs off to the next room without me. I reconnect a bit later to see that they started the room with the 4 Demon Walls and haven't wiped yet. By the time I joined them, they had 30 seconds remaining before an arena wide AOE attack wiped the entire party. I rejoin them and the 30 seconds pass. We narrowly kill the last two monsters literally a couple seconds later and the door to the next area opens. Unfortunately the damage being done by the arena wide AOE is so great I can't even heal through it to get to the exit. My self and the two DPS die just paces away from the goal, while the tank makes it through. Fun part about this is the tank is my brother and I was on the phone with him when this happened. He literally started that fight while I was unable to follow like a jerk. And of course he is the only one to come out at the end without a scratch.
  18. You know I really wish there was a better explanation for this event. Right not it seems like everyone is pretty confused and just doing random things to get more or less the exact same results - except for a handful of people that actually manage to get 1 different dragon attracted. it's very frustrating. I FINALLY got a Grave to show up instead of the White but when I referrence that google document another user posted, it was weird since I had 10 magic and she was asking for more sweets (same as the white). According to that doc, they prefer Shinies and meat? Checked my eggs then back to my cave with the exact same layout and attracted an imperial fresh crown, who like the mana but wanted more sweets (also same as the white). Thought something was funny so went back to my eggs, then back to the cave and here's the white again and she's not leaving. Must have been a glitch or something in the programming that got my hopes up. It's a good thing I dont work today so I can set aside some time to try to figure out what is going on but I really think a little more clarity on how this works would make the event more enjoyable. I like the idea of being able to attract different dragons based on how I decorate, I'm just tired of getting the same dragon over and over regardless of what I put in there. Kind of defeats the purpose if thats the case.
  19. Yeah i've flipped flopped mine completely around from having everything to just shinies to nothing but old boots and irregardless all i get is a white
  20. other people have already gotten two or three different dragons so unless they are mistaken i don't think that's the case
  21. I keep swapping different items but keep attracting the same white. how are other people getting different dragons?
  22. I read that backwards and got confused. MedievalMystic's brown/deset(?) cave looks cool. ETA: Wow the forest one looks freakin' sweet
  23. Alright, this is what my cave with a spring looks like: I guess is could be dependant on what biome you capture the egg? Mine was coast...
  24. Your cave looks different from mine. I have a small stream on the left hand side and the rocks are colored differently.