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  1. Happy Birthday, DC! My, the new Red Dragon sprite is gorgeous!
  2. Gift Report: Kurenai -> Taliaangeni: Silver Metallic: http://dragcave.net/lineage/oN70r Finally giving back to the thread!
  3. Gift Report: stagazer_7 -> Kurenai: a lovely Silver! Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/5h72v Thank you so much!
  4. Forum ID: Kurenai Scroll Link: Here we go! PM Link: Click here! Proof that I read the rules: Holding hands Hope I'm doing this right.
  5. As for me I had no problem catching/breeding Winters this year. As for Springs... I tried trading rare & uncommon dragons for weeks to get only two 2nd gen Seasonals, but didn't receive any offer for a while. I was wondering if they had suddenly become much more valuable than anything I could have bred, but then I haven't been able to breed 2nd and 3rd gen Springs myself for the past 5 weeks or so. I think my lineage project is screwed. That sure is frustrating.
  6. Got my two eggies and have been sending a few cards already. I love the "I was going to write you something sweet but then I took an arrow in the knee." That cracks me up. (yes, I'm a Skyrim addict!) Thanks TJ & Spriters, and Happy Valentine t'you all!
  7. GoN. First, I struggled for a few months before getting three different Trios. It sure took a long time back then when none of your dragons had any trading value. And I've been trying to summon one for 13 or 14 months now.
  8. Oh ok, I see. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. Yeah, I was wondering about that... Actually, my Holly's mother was bred in 2009, and same goes for its grandfather (2009). So I thought you could actually breed your offspring before the end of the breeding period. Did that change in 2010?
  10. Well, what you're doing right now sounds like complaining to me. No offense meant. I don't believe I'm the rude one here (if I am though, it is by all means unintentional, since I'm not a native English speaker). Why should I (and the other lucky ones) get lectured just because a few others are jealous? How I felt before... I told you. Hunting was fun all the way through, even when I couldn't get one. DC is a game, it is meant to have fun. You can't always get what you want - I still haven't been able to get CB Metallics in three years. Sure, it can get frustrating when I can't even trade for one, but it doesn't matter, because I still have fun playing.
  11. I got my first Holly through the AP yesterday. I stayed up all night to get it, I was tired as hell, and I had to go to work after that. I wasn't willing to go through the effort of making a ND either, so I decided to stalk the AP instead. I did that last year too. And the year before that. Only now did I succeed, but it was fun all the way through. Never did I complain about people here not giving me a Holly, and never did I beg. I'll FFA the offsprings of my other Holidays just like I did last year, because I want to, and I like making people happy. But I won't give my Holly's offspring for free, because I had a hard time catching one, I did it by myself, I'm proud of it, and if I can get a blood swap and make it part of my lineage projects then that's great. I'll work hard for this. People not giving you everything you want doesn't make them uber-selfish. There are plenty of people giving Hollies out there (at least be thankful to them), and you can still get them by trading or stalking the AP. So please, no lecture.
  12. It's my 3rd Xmas on DC. I stayed up all night last night (I live in Europe) waiting for the breeding period to start, and luckily it paid off: I finally caught my very first Holly. A 4th gen Thuwed beauty. So glad. <3 Good luck to everyone still hunting out there! You can do it if you try hard enough!
  13. Since Hollies are not available this year, I'd gladly take part in the Perennial Mixed Lineage! HUMBUG! FORUM NAME: Kurenai SCROLL NAME: Arkh PAIRING PREFERENCES: Shadow Walker x Ice (or Ice x Shadow Walker), as a potential mate for this little lady! I'm currently trying to get another Ice offspring from her father to repay an IOU, but when it's done, I'll try breeding him to my Shadow Walker again!
  14. Now that's epic awesomeness! Cute stories, and what to say about the dragons... I LOVE THEM! It's my 3rd Xmas on DC and every year it keeps getting better! Thanks TJ and everyone for this wonderful event!
  15. HUMBUG! FORUM NAME: Kurenai SCROLL NAME: Arkh PAIRING PREFERENCES: Would love a Shadow Walker x Holly (I already have 2 of the other breeds :3) Thanks !
  16. 10 desintegrated, 1 revived without turning and 2 hatchies turned (one S1 and one S2). I can't remember the breed though.
  17. 3 new Marrows, 4 new Pumpkins, 5 new Halloween eggies and two little zombies... And the Haunted House was so much fun too ! Really well-written and all. We don't really celebrate Halloween in my country so I'm very glad I could share the fun here. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, and Happy Halloween to you all !
  18. Thanks to this topic, i've just found out that "Thuwed" actually means "Dragon" in Saurian. And that explains many of my dragons' parents' names too. A great mystery has been revelead. Thanks a bunch !
  19. This. I would gladly receive IOUs from people i've already traded with. And from ARK listed members. As for the others... no way. I've met enough swindlers here as it is. Making an IOU would be a burden on me too. Especially if i promised a Holiday egg. Guess i'd be too afraid of forgetting to breed my dragons.
  20. I'm gonna get flamed for this, but oh well... i think it's just a fantasy. Come on, we don't even have enough resources to feed or shelter everyone as it is ! And we never will. It's just not possible. Instead of trying to escape our problems by wasting money on nice but mere dreams, we should really try to face and solve them. And learn to love our little Earth more. And to those arguing that we'll have to move eventually... i believe that humans will be long extinct when the Earth dies. But who cares? It's not like it's going to happen during our lifetime anyway. We won't be there anymore. And that's nothing to be afraid of.
  21. Most of the time, i let my CB Holidays grow up so i can breed them the following year. When it's done, i release one, catch a 2nd (or 3rd) gen and freeze it. If i receive a Holiday from someone, i always ask permission to freeze it beforehand so there's no misunderstanding. I don't think that freezing a Holiday is really that selfish. Thanks to multiclutches, Holidays can produce up to 4 eggs anyway. And if you had a look at the Departure announcement boards during the last two holidays (Christmas and Valentine), you probably saw that there were more Snow Angels and Sweetlings being dropped in the AP than people able to catch them in the end.