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  1. How about an actual link instead of screenshots, oh mighty DinoCave users? If it's a real scroll then should be easy to fog all the eggs but still show the scroll.
  2. ---> http://dinocave.net/user/Seiti "can't seem to find the scroll you're looking for" I CALL FISH.
  3. All those dino eggs just a fakeclick away.
  4. Thanks! And Happy Pi Day
  5. I used to check them when I had under 50 dragons. And sometimes help eggs with accepting aid. Now, I usually only look at bred abandoned eggs if I'm breeding the parent pair again; to see what breed I got the last times and how the lineage looked like. I like to see if they got named. One got named, Ima Littlebit Inbred, which made me lol.
  6. I love freezing. One, some of those hatchlings are majorly cute; and two, I'm an impatient person - so I'm very likely to freeze a sprite (if I don't have it, or if it's a common AP clogger) just to unlock myself. I freeze Dinos 'cause I just find their S1 stage cuter than the adult sprite. And sometimes casting a "spell" tickles my funny bone. It's on the same of level of waving my hands in front of automatic doors and saying 'Alohomora!' and being all 'lol!pwnage' when the doors open at the hand waving; except here I click and ta-daa! hatchling never ages again! My first frozen hatchling was the S1 Yulebuck. Just too cute to let it grow up. >.< If we could freeze eggs, I totally would @^-^@
  7. Bug report: I found a glitch in the Action Trackers. With only 4-digit codes, it works fine. When I add 5-digit codes I get this: Example 1 Example 2 I've only added 2 5-digit codes to each action tacker, which might be why there's only two lines that are weird. Haven't tried it with more/less.
  8. Love the scroll banner maker, bbik! Such an awesome surprise to discover when I went to the Action Tracker. I really like that we can customize it. I've never used other banners 'cause I never really liked the color schemes. *plays around with it* of choices! And thanks for all the updates and all your hard work!
  9. ZOMGZOMGZOMG. *excitement overcrowds coherent thoughts and stuffs them in a corner* (love how I always discover the News topic through the Help forum)
  10. I love them all, but I have a soft spot for Misfits and Pumpkins. I haven't had a DC Halloween yet, so I definitely need to snag some in October. As for the Misfits, I just love their name and description - so cutely epic.
  11. I started by just collecting eggs that I didn't have, and slowly discovering what dragons I liked or didn't like, and getting lots of Red dragons because I'm impatient for eggs to grow up. Then my goal was to reach 200 dragons and get a silver trophy, so I froze a lot of hatchlings and hunted the AP for lowtime eggs and hatchlings. Now, I've changed my goal to collecting a CB pair of almost every dragon and gendered and ungendered frozen hatchlings of the breed. Almost every dragon, because there are a couple of sprites that I don't mind if I don't obtain, like the adult Dinos or the Alt Vine. But it's a goal I'm slowly building whenever I feel like it. Otherwise, I also have a staircase seasonal project, but that's only an egg every season, so it doesn't take up much time. So I would say I'm a collector who gets majorly sidetracked by shiny things along the way. Sometimes I'll consider doing a lineage project, but I've gotten around to it. A TVtrope or Kdrama/jdrama one would be epic.
  12. Thanks for the update, bbik! Hope the rest of the week goes better for you, online, IRL and anywhere else. We impatient people will wait till you have the time. I'm still using the Action Trackers - so useful, especially with my growing number of Reds. Thanks for all your hard work. Happy Easter! *hoards all the Easter eggs* (mwahaha)
  13. So pretty! Me likes almost as much as . *changes to it right away*
  14. spellcoat

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Love the brown Stripe. Shiny cute.
  15. Got one just yesterday Took a print screen shot - I found the 'Your [Name] has evolved into Magicarp Badge' hilarious.
  16. It depends if I find the hatchling sprite cute. If I do, I'll keep one adult and freeze a hatchling. Otherwise I'll just keep two adults.
  17. First ones I noticed were the Pumpkin and Bright-breasted Wyverns on people's signatures on the Nanowrimo forums. I thought they looked cutely awesome (and I love dragons) and was wondering what they were, when I noticed a topic anout them and got sucked in.
  18. Yulebuck eggs are my fav, because of the nicely ordered red stripes. Bright-breasted Wyvern eggs, Shallow Water eggs, amd Sweetling eggs come as close seconds. Sometimes I find the eggs so cute, I wish there was the option to freeze them.
  19. I only use one hatchery. I put my eggs directly on The Allure of Neglected Dragons and then ER them when they're at 4 days. Haven't had a problem yet (Allure can check for sickness, which is useful) and it's nice to be able to use only one site. I sometimes put eggs in Eggs Around the World when they're at 6 days, if I want them to gender faster once they hatch. Both AoND and EATW have nice tools (BSA trackers(AoND), inbred checker(EATW)) on top of being nice hatcheries.
  20. For the Breed Tracker: * 1: Do you want to see the gender of the adult you're tracking? Yes. Its name would also be nice, if possible. * 2A: Do you want to see only a list of which mates refused? List of mates refused, plus last 3 breeding attempts. (with which dragon, egg, no egg, interest, no interest...) * 4A: If you want to track whether or not an egg was produced, do you only want to know that one was/wasn't? 4B: Or do you also want to know the breed and/or code? Not necessarily. It would be nifty, but not really needed for my sporadic breeding for now. If I was aiming for a certain lineage, then definitely useful. * 5A: Do you want to have all of your recorded dragons showing at once? A list of all the dragons being tracked (with when it's been last bred), with the possibility of clicking on the dragon to see details. * 6+: Is there anything else a breeding tracker should have? Being able to see when I can breed them again, like for the BSA trackers.
  21. Mine comes from a book by Diana Wynne Jones, The Spellcoats. I first wanted to use another title of hers, Hexwood , one of my fav books; but that was already taken on other sites and I wanted one that didn't have a high chance of being taken when I registered to any site.
  22. I have a bronze right now. Can't wait for it to turn silver. Reason one: such a pretty color. Reason two: So. Many. Dragons. Mineminemine. (At least it'll feel like so many dragons to me; it seems small in comparison to peeps with 1000+ dragons. )
  23. I get most of my teas from this cutest little teashop on the main street of my "city". (My country calls them cities, for the US it's probably more village-sized.) The shop is quite tiny, but has a nice selection of teas. Just smelling all their mixes is wonderful, even if you don't like drinking tea. My fav from their place is one of their Roiboos mix. Their green tea with mango and passion fruit is also quite nice. I also like Indian chais and black tea with milk and lots of sugar. I usually just drink my teas, but I recently saw a cupcake recipe that use chai tea. So I'll be trying out Chai Cupcakes soon.
  24. I just got one. *waves victory flag* It's the second time I saw the egg description, and I clicked, expecting to not be fast enough; but then there it was on my scroll.
  25. When I started the "Egg will die if it doesn't hatch in:" got me a little nervous, so I posted the eggs on as many hatchery sites as I could - to make sure my eggs would hatch. They all got soft shell. It took me a bit to figure out if that was a good or a bad thing, then I fogged them real quick. In the end they all survived. (I'm still making mistakes )