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  1. I see shapey-line-things when I hear music. Dunno if that counts. (No colors, only shapes based on volume, pitch, tone, etc.)
  2. That's so sweet. I just named this dragon. I had to shorten some parts a little because it wouldn't fit.
  3. I'd buy anything with my waterhorse on it, although I don't think my parents would let me. >_> And that Ember is so cute. \o/
  4. like-a-wind


    Just joined today. Clicks? Oh, a question. So for each adoptable, there are infinite color combinations? It's not set, like in DC where reds are actually red? O_o
  5. More editing .____. (And for the people above, I'm pretty sure they're not accepting wishlists.)
  6. The hatchies are so chubby and squishy and cute. <3
  7. The cave shouldn't be so silly. D; I wanna see the eggs~
  8. They're shinier than the normal metallic eggs. x3
  9. Dang. So hard to choose. >____> But yeah, voted for Kiramay. ^^
  10. I've played piano since I was five. And cello, since I was seven-ish. I hate being asian. >___> And my parents made me quit drums.
  11. Edited my wishlist. (Added the black, sunsong, and nebula. Took off the ridgewing.)
  12. I spy one DC and a custom already, so I'll go ahead and hog a DC. DC egg or custom?: DC >>If DC--> what type?: Recolor of Nebula. (: (Maybe dark blue fading to black, like on the female?) >>If custom--> please describe: Text?: No >>If Yes-->: Please state Rofl, thinking so much about my request that I forgot about jellyfish. O_o Thank you for reminding me Rhea.
  13. Probably, if TJ notices that you didn't respond.
  14. So I ran home screaming today. And I didn't win, rofl. Congrats everyone! (:
  15. Wut. They're still dropping? DX Silly me. I'll go hunt once my ER eggs finally grow up.
  16. Cinna and Finnick (and Rue) were the best characters in the whole book. I cried when Rue died. >_> I kind of liked the ending. :3 It seems like something I would do, ending the book like that.
  17. The system seems to be showing better ones... or I'm becoming too lenient.
  18. I just rated my first ten. It was quite cute, actually. The gold dragon topper had a deer on top of its snowball, and its wings were strung with lights.
  19. I have to say, I really love the rainbow ones. They're so neat and organized, it makes me want to hug them. :3 ...and then I saw a rainbow tree that had a gold garland slapped onto it. ._.
  20. My tree doesn't seem that original anymore. D:
  21. Going to bother you and make you edit my rather plain egg. Is it possible to have a white star below the stripe with one tip underneath the stripe? Thank you!