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  1. Caught my first CB gold so stoked right now
  2. Val'09: purple ridgewing checker, white checker [if I can get the mates] otherwise just stairs Sweetlings: ribbon checker and hopefully a blusang one as well Heartseeker, Rosebud, Arsani: they're all CB ^^ so their mates will likely be determined by whatever requests occur. Heartseekers look pretty neat with neos though, and the contrast between the colours of Rosebuds and Graves seems neat too. I'd like to do a checker with them too
  3. Neat! Something to spend all that extra snow on
  4. This has been a really great event so far ^^ and the lack of limits is even better
  5. Well, the highest amount I've heard of is 157, but if someone's been leaving it for longer than a couple of days maybe it'd build up even further?
  6. Hi, just wondering - does anybody know what the max number of accumulated snowballs is?
  7. Had THREE successful revives but on the plus side, one wee zombie as well
  8. Awesome eggs can't wait to see the resultant hatchlings Cheers!
  9. Grabbing commons from the forest, hoping to uncover something shiny when a copper flies past and I didn't recognise the description
  10. So I noticed! Should be interesting to see what they turn out like
  11. That was awesome two coasts, from what seems to be our longest drop yet
  12. Fair enough; it's just kinda frustrating when you're button-bashing like a kid at a crossing, you refresh again and suddenly the biome is empty.
  13. Well that was a pretty hectic drop! But love the new eggs
  14. Three green eggs D: too much luck
  15. Yes! Thirteenth country in the world Kishing: absolutely
  16. Looks like the Cave is well and truely out of kilter for this release.
  17. Another round of gathering
  18. ....Fighting Polygon Team SSB anyone?