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  1. best i have are a Shallow water and have a vampire, but im hiding the vampire now. I am getting too many click on it too early...
  2. OHH NOES! I dropped an l! The worlds gonna end and no1 will ever take me seriously. [/sarcasm] And I kno. Its happened b4 and I don't really care. My sister ownes her own buisness and I work for her. I don't need to apply for a job.
  3. I just don't use 100% perfect grammar when on web games or like forums... I don't use facebook for myspace of any social networking sites. I use propper grammar in real life. Its just pointlesst to me when I'm talking 2 a bunch of ppl I never met befor on a forum....
  4. i dont find any of those important unless professinoaly realated (school, work, ect...)
  5. I used to play a game called open hotel. A habbo hotel cms. I was like totally obsesed with hacking it. I was a skid then so it never happened. Anyways, I would call myself open hacker, I dropped some letters and intergraded it with my real name, jacob, and came up with jaxor, changed it to l33t talk and came up with j4x0r. That my story.
  6. When I was about 4 I was at my grandma's house and I was messing with her excersize bike, spinning the sedals and making the chain spin... I wanted to know what the chain felt like so I stuck my finger under it. Yea... not a good idea. It got sucked into the sproks and severed my index finger. It cut all the way throught my finger, exept for a small peice of skin. I got it sewed back on with about 24 stitches and it still works today. I lost a few nerves in it tho...
  7. Ohh I love assasins creed, havnt played the new one tho... how is it?
  8. Yup! I LOVE angry brids! Play it all the time on my (android) LG Ally...