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  1. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! Thanks TJ!!!
  2. wow!!!! thanks tj!
  3. OMG...! new dragons!! Thanks TJ!
  4. Thanks TJ! I'll get to back home. X)
  5. Congrats to the winners! (X I'm not...
  6. I have some funny code. 1. OhRat = OH! Rat!! 2. TJ01s 3. WOL0F & WOrF5 = I want wolf 4. vitQ 5. 2794t = So heavy. 6. 7778M = So long 7. IPadi = I Pad
  7. Thanks TJ! It so lovely eggs! Happy Christmas!!
  8. For this Christmas I would like a 2nd gen Black with Mag Happy Christmas~! I got a 2nd gen Black for pinkrainv. Thanks so much Thanks for all!
  9. Thanks TJ! Eggs so lovely!!! I'll get after 6 hours!! (Now, i have too many eggs)
  10. Thanks TJ. Cute(?) hath! X)
  11. Wow! It's a very Funny event! Thank you TJ
  12. WoW!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute red!!!! Thanks so much. I love it!
  13. Sooo cute dragons~~~!!! Can I request to you? I want to see your Red dragon art. Thanks. X)
  14. Wow~!! Happy Valentine's Day~! I get egg and got letter! yeeeeee~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!