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  1. Jade laughed. "Yes mabye you should."
  2. ((Oh i love Basshunter )) Jade smiled. "That would be just fine." She said.
  3. (No ) Jade smiled. "There isnt much to tell."
  4. Jade nodded and turned north walking quickly.
  5. ((Yep)) Jade smiled and started walking down the road. "So which way?"
  6. I was trying to name a paper and everything i did failed! So i eventually named it: A Space Unicorn
  7. I got a bronze tinsel today so im happy Nothing from the trio though...
  8. I have a question :3 The 1.9....will it automaticlly update my game?
  9. DarkPanther


    I really want to become a member Right now i am lvl 45
  10. This might help...:3 i didn't know where else to put this! I really need two female stripes, one white and one red. Not inbred and hopefully not to long of a lineage. PM please and i will try to breed something for a trade!
  11. I have played Mature rated games before, and i haven't turned violent, nor have i started cussing. Actually it helps to take out anger when i play war games and such XP But i do know not all M rated games aren't actually Mature....like Halo. To me that game doesn't seem bad enough to be rated Mature.
  12. I have autism so sometimes if i get to stressed or upset i mumble and if i get bad enough i can't talk at all!
  13. I am obsessed with.... Minecraft Horses Wolves Cirque Du Freak The Mortal Instruments Death Note Pirates of the Carribean Soul Eater The Mortal Instruments Mello from Death Note Matt from Death Note L From Death Note Near from Death Note THE CLEVELAND BROWNS!!! (who won today! WOOT)
  14. I always, ALWAYS like having straight edges for some reason...It bothers me if a book s are stacked up and they are crooked. And i have Aspergers and ADHD so i have a lot of strange habits... .such as getting freaked out if i can't find this certain shirt i wanted to wear today or scooting across the room when people get in my personal space.
  15. I like ketchup on potatoes and mac n cheese Hmm......and ranch dressing on different cheeses
  16. I have only seen a CB ember once since i joined and i missed it Maybe the whites? I used to see of them around, but now hardly never.
  17. ((Yay another person!)) Jade shook her head. "No i have not." Shrugging she followed Rorora out the door. "It hasn't been on the top of my things to do list lately." Looking around at the forest and the sky, she made sure once again she had her weapons.
  18. My friend has been on minecraft since 1.8 and it worked pretty good for him. :3 We found a pink sheep ontop of a house roof
  19. Jade didn't feel much better. "Oh....well i thought you ate them!" She laughed.
  20. Staring dumbly as two silver eggs go by on the AP
  21. Jade blinked. "You eat humans!?" She took a step backward.
  22. I REALLY afraid of needles *shudders* Whenever i go to the doctor and have to get a shot i throw a fit.