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My ScrollThank you to Lastalda for her very generous gift of my first Silver.2014 CB Bronze ShimmerIf you are interested in offspring, please read my profile. Please do not PM me about her until you have done so. My Inbox is a mess and it can't take much more. In short, I am looking for 2G swaps.

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    I Have A 2013 CB Bronze Shimmer

    1) I want to keep the first offspring (so far she is 0/3)
    2) I am looking to swap 2nd-gen Shimmers. If you would like to arrange a mutual IOU, PM me.
    3) There are now 3 waiting, so I am currently reluctant to take any more offers, but if you also have a CB and are interested in discussing a swap, please do not be afraid to contact me.

    I am not interested in Neglecteds, Theweds, Hollies, or any other offers at this time. I have only one other Shimmer on my scroll because I couldn't get any others

    [b][URL=http://dragcave.net/user/PittiSing]My Scroll[/URL] • [i]Thank you to Lastalda for her very generous gift of my first Silver.[/i][/B]

    IOU Gif:
    [color=black][SIZE=4][i][IMG]http://dl3.glitter-graphics.net/pub/536/536403sg1hb1q6nj.gif[/IMG] IOUs accepted![/i][/SIZE][/color] [color=blue][i][SIZE=3]Please do not delete quotes in PMs.[/SIZE][/i][/color]

    Looking for Mates for:
    1 4th-gen Gold mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/nAQHc
    or 1 3rd-gen Gold reverse of http://dragcave.net/view/6pv25

    Notes for me: BlueIce looking for pinks with this Valentine lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/d7G6 or 3rd or 4th even generation pinks with a lineage like this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/oBqcd

    Offer next CB Pink to Tarnlia.

    Offer next chicken to Alasse! She has offered 2-3 Stripes or lineaged eggs from wish list in the past.

    Seiti collects CB and 2nd-gen Ice

    Work on this for Daciana_Adena: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=03&VID=in&MSID=4861671

    Wobblegong: Stripes (Green < Red < Blue < White)

    SanguineWolf: Needs Royal Crimsons

    Mutual IOUs:
    > indiw: 5 CB Seawyrm hatchies
    me to indiw: CB Green Opal egg (sent)
    >bonvoyage to Me: CB Gold from CB Stripe (male)
    Me to bonvoyage: Shimmer baby from Chaser's Seian III

    >Minogue to me: 3rd-gen Moonstone/Silver-fail (got)
    Me to Minoque: 3rd-gen Blusang/Silver-fail from 5vXYB X QLzPF

    IOUs that I Owe:

    • 4 pairs of CB hatchies for rrattts (see profile)
    • one (or two) more Hearseeker Crosses for Ivy (see PM)
    • black from 3rd-gen Black X 3rd-gen Angel for pyrolycan
    (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (OSFtd sent!)(never picked up) (trying again now that pyro is back) (Ø=1)
    --For JaneMcAsh: 2 CB Autumn (for 2G Gold X Black) done
    ••For isaakfvkampfer: 2G F Gold X Heartseeker (check PM)
    •• For Minogue (one of the following) for 4th-G Gold/SW:
    metal sib of http://dragcave.net/lineage/lomkT (5 Turp, Ø=17)
    metal sib of http://dragcave.net/lineage/aGINw (2 GW, Ø=21)
    or a 4gen gold from BTR3i X wQ5gl (Ø=19)

    -- CB Blackcap hatchie and CB Teimarr hatchie to arlymaye for Gold Dorkface (done)
    -- 3 Checkers (Terrae X Pink, Pink X Terrae, MALE Ice X Winter) to sfts for 2G PB Gold (sent Pink) (sent Terrae) (sent Ice)
    -- CB Royal Blue undendered hatchling and CB Red ungendered hatchling to Yliah for CB Thunder (sent 2 Royal Blue which were accepted in place of the CB Red)
    -- 3 CB Blusangs to yongyeon for 3rd-gen Silver Spiral (sent 2/3) (sent 3rd, but never picked up)
    -- 3rd-gen Silver from Lastalda's Gift for Bantymom
    -- 2nd-gen Magma from F Magma x CB White for Psykotika
    (fail) (white) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (white) (check)
    -- JBluewind: wants bronze tinsel Egg (sent)

    Owed to me:
    • 11/28 Shadesofchaos: 2G Silver X Blue Neb for 3G Silver/Pink (2nd-half of trade)
    • 9/17 Loveless3173: 15 cb seawyrm hatchies (1/15)
    • 9/10 WereJace: 15 cb seawyrms hatches (for CB Blusang) (15/15) Done
    • 8/26 chryse: 5 cb seawyrm hatchies (slowly) ungendered is fine (for 2 Summer Eggs (4/5) (might be done)
    • 8/10 Renmiri: 2G Silver from Male Specklethroat (4g seian shimmer)
    • 7/27 Ixcalia: 2 cb hatchies (male water and male albino for B) (CB Crimson) (gone??)
    • Ixcalia: hellfire from male silver, GW from female Gold for B (CB Ice) (gone??)
    • Vakarian: 2 of the following - CB Flamingo hatchling (female) / 2nd-gen PB Vine Egg (CB Tri-Horn Egg)
    • alabaster_demon: 3rd-gen stairstep Red hatchie from Winter Magi


    Completed IOUs

    (from me to others)
    --For agilkees: 2G Red or Green Copper (for CB Silver) (sent Red)
    (checked in messages to here)
    • For agilkees: CB Copper (for CB Gold) sent
    • Freefall: 2 Aug Release Hatchies (inf as pair) (sent and received 8/6)
    • for Chita: 2 CB White Hatchlings (pair) for: CB Tan hatchling (paid)
    • for pinkrainv: 4 CB Summer hatchlings (2 pair) for 2nd-gen PB Gold (done)
    • for Mercury: 2 pair new blue hatchlings for 2nd-gen Gold
    • for tjekan: 3 dragons: (3rd-gen silver X marrow)
    stripe sib of http://dragcave.net/lineage/ultVq (sent)
    blusang sib of http://dragcave.net/lineage/dy9w9 (sent)
    3rd-gen Ice from white x ice (sent)
    • for Shienvien for 2G Silver from SW (received)
    Male Gold Tinsel X Ribbon, Silver Tinsel Stair, Gold Tinsel Stair (sent)
    • for PixieStick912: 2G PB Black Stripe egg, 4 unrelated 2G PB Pink male hatchlings (sent Black Stripe and 4 Pinks) (Paid)
    • 3G EG Blusang w/Silver and 3G EG Blusang w/Ice for 626lavaheart (2 messy silvers to donate) (sent Blu X Sils and Blu X Ice C1HhJ) (done)
    • for sharlykng: 1 2G Blusang htch and 7 CB Spitfire hatchlings (completed)
    • for Xeriina: http://dragcave.net/lineage/J5f11 X http://dragcave.net/lineage/uN3Uv (sent)
    • for Dracaena 2 more CB Speckles (for CB Magma) (sent) (received)
    • for Riannon: 1 more 2G PB Trio (not Thunder) (CB Magma) (sent)
    • for Belisar: 15 CB Balloon hatchies (ungendered) for 2nd-gen SilverXSW (sent 15/15)
    • for xShadow: 3 hatchies (HF, Elec, Split) for CB Tan (sent)
    • For evangeline5432: CB Magma for 2nd-gen Silver/Marrow (sent)
    • for Lyricmaniac: CB Blusang for 3rd-gen Silver spiral (sent)
    • for rayden54: 8 CB/2nd-gen hatchies for 3rd-gen Silver/Lurker (see PM for list) (sent 4, forgave the rest, deal complete)
    • for bloodonmyfangs: male balloon (CB Tsunami) (sent)
    • 4 CB Tsunami for synditrix (4 messy silvers to donate) (2+2 Tsunami Sent)
    • 2nd-gen Ice to st9541524 for one more red hatchie (sent)
    • 2nd-gen GW and 3 Reds for ScreamYourHeartOut (CB Tsunami) (sent)
    • 6 bred hatchies for ZzelaBusya from her list. (sent 6)
    • 2 Magi hatchies and 2 Purple hatchies to OnABadBet (Blue Dino for Mom) (sent 2 Magi) (sent 2 Purple)
    • 1 CB Blusang to Valeth for CB Ice (already sent CB Stripe) (sent)
    • 2nd-gen Green Sripe to JaneMcAsh for 2nd-gen White Stripe (sent)
    • 1 Coastblocker hatchie to rayden54 for 2nd-gen SW x Gold (sent)
    • 3 male olive, female olive, male sunrise, to Cod Cod for Marrow X Stripe (sent)
    • 4 CB Blusangs (3 female) to ZzelaBusya for 2nd-gen Silver/SW (3 sent + 1 more for me and Aunt Banty's Paper debt)
    • 2 Coastblockers to danegrrrl for 2 Ridgeback/Tinsel diamonds (sent)
    • CB Autumn male hatchie to HowlingOwl for SW X Valentine '09 (sent)
    • 4 new 2012 Halloween Hatchies to Agrona for 2nd-gen Gold x Christmas Magi (Paid and Got! ^^)
    • 2 Coastblockers to danegrrrl for 2 pretty Tinsel Kins (both sent)
    • Any Ice to KingLemur330 (fail) (fail) (fail) (jc3NT-sent)
    • 2nd-gen Ice from Ice F X Shadow Walker M (like Jtos1) for Dartsworth (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (fail) (trade not set yet)(got! jc3NT no longer playing)
    • Pikabubba: 6 red hatchlings each (cb, even gen, spiral, stair) for CB Magma and CB Blusang (sent)
    • Cajunsun (CB Black) GW (sent) and GW (sent)
    • Mercury: 1 Brimstone Hatchie (sent)
    • Rebelgoddess19 (4th-gen Silver Tinsel) 4 2nd-gen purples to (sent)
    • Valeth (Sun/Silvers) 2 white 2 Pillow (sent)

    (owed to me)
    (not checked in messages yet)
    • 12/4 agilkees: CB Gold (for CB Copper)
    • 9/19 amethystfox: 15 cb seawyrm hatchies (15/15) (for CB Blusang)
    • 11/28 agilkees: CB Gold (for CB Copper) (got)
    • 11/26 Becka: 3G PB Gold for same (got)
    • 7/29 Sanguinewolf: CB Male Turpentine hatchie (CB Royal Crimson) (paid)
    • 7/16 Satirical: 6 CB Female Purples (done)
    • 6/2 lustrelegate: 2 purple hatchlings (for 4th-gen Silver hatchie) (done)
    • 7/26 LegendOfKorraFan: Balloon (m/f), Waterwalker (m/f) (done)
    • PonyTales: 2nd-gen Blusang X Silver (4 CB Pinks) (got)
    • PonyTales: 7 CB Balloon Hatchies (3 CB Pinks) (got all)
    • sparkdragon (2 Blusang): 5 3rd-gen stripes (color/white/color) (got all)
    • Teddy87: Silver X Blusang (CB Tsunami) (got lC7rW)
    • Silverlight: 3 BSA hatchies (Magma) paid
    • Tarnlia: CB Red hatch or CB Purple (male) hatch (for CB Pink hatch) (got)
    • littleblackdog: 3 CB Black (2 girl, 1 boy) and 1 purple hatchie (any) (chicken) (got all) (check for influence)
    • Leafeonne: CB Daydream Egg (4th-gen Silver) (done)
    • quitter: 4 purple hatchies (Tsunami) (done)
    • Rixie Pakuna: (Speckles and Winters) CB Deep Sea (f), 2 CB Gray (1f 1m), 3 CB non-gendered Pygmies (all paid)
    • Shadowflame: 4 Purple/Magi hatchies for CB Black and CB Purple (got)
    • from LibbyLishly: 2 Pink (f) hatchlines + 2 purple hatchlings (got)
    • from PonyTales: 2nd-gen Blusang from Silver (4 CB Pink hatchies) (If Silver, I will send her 4 more CB Pink hatchies) (got)
    * from arisilde: two Pink Eggs from Pink X Arsani unrelated (CB Neb Hatchling) got 2/2
    • from ZzelaBusya: 2G Blusang from M SW (got)
    • Alasse: (2) CB Speckled Eggs (3rd-gen Ice X Blusang) (got both)
    • Spelunker: 2 Royal Blue Hatchies (m/f pair) (2 Tsunami eggs) (received)
    • lorimmel: 2-3 2nd- 3rd-gen stripes (chicken)
    • RipApartHerThroat: 1 hatchie, any kind, last of 4 (2 nebula hatchies) (got)
    • salmonbaby (CB Summer CB Blusang) 2nd-Gen Ice (x Black) hatchies (2) and 2nd-gen Swallowtail (x BBW) (got Swallowtail) (got 1st 2nd-gen Ice (wrong gender)) (got 2nd 2nd-gen Ice x Black)
    • SnowSherry (2 CB Ice): 3rd-gen Gold X Xmas (received!)
    • Belisar (CB Royal Blue): 2 purple hatchies (received both)
    • Mirume (1 CB Pink): 2 2nd-gen Blusang (received 2)
    • IvyJaclyn (3rd-gen blue/black/stripe): 3 cb hatchies (got 1st, 2nd (Canopy), and 3rd (red pygmy))
    • yaya1636: owes 1 hatchie from Moonstone (f) x White (m) (received)
    • dragonstar (CB Nebula): 2 CB hatchies (received)
    • Lyricmaniac (CB Nebula Hatchie): owes CB Magma (received)
    • salmonbaby (Red Dorsal): 2nd-gen White from purple RW (received)
    • Quetzal (2 CB Luminas) Nebula, Terrae X Pink, White x Ribbon (received) .
    • sushi9 (Cheese): a Pygmy hatchie (received)
    • cajunsun: 4 hatchies and 1 3rd-gen spiral Reds (received)
    • Ylla (Cheese) 1 green hatchie (received)
    • Evilminion (Paper): 4 common hatchies (2 received)(2 more received)
    • Satirical: (CB Lumina): Pink hatchie from Pink X Terrae
    • grammydragon (CB Vine) 2 hatchies (received)
    • grammydragon (CB Vine) 2 hatchies (received)
    • Shadowflame (CB Royal Blue) 2 pygmy hatchlings (received)
    • Rixie Pakuna: (CB Lumina) Purple RW and BBW (received)
    • Firerubynat: 2 2nd-gen PurRW (received)
    • Justarius (CB Nebula) 2nd-gen Stripe from Silver (received))
    • Jay (2 Turps) 4 Red/Pink hatchlings (5 received)
    • Nalyua 4th-gen Tinsel from Nalyua (a gift! received)
    • stagazer_7 (2 CB Reds) 2 2nd-gen Splits (inf as pair) 3rd-gen PB Pink, 2nd-gen Pink from M Pink x F Terra (received)
    • sparkdragon (CB Purple): 2 red hatchies (received)
    • CarlyPum (Purple Dino): CB Terrae(f) and CB BBW(m) hatchlings (was gone and couldn't pick them up, or got them and they grew up before I saw them.)
    • coltzen: 2nd-gen Terrae(f) X Pink and 2nd-gen Pur RW(f) x White (was gone and couldn't pick them up)


    Sophiera (won't keep quotes together)
    salmonbaby (won't keep quotes together, wrong genders)
    Rockin' On (won't keep quotes together, won't listen)
    hiphop1234 (doesn't follow directions, picked up cave eggs and left mine on my scroll, hatched hers and still hasn't picked up her egg from me)
    cladus (backed out and didn't tell me for a long time, causing me to lose trades)