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    My wishlist is below. These vary greatly in value and which ones I'm looking for depend on what exactly I'm trading. :)

    High-Priority List:
    - 2nd Gen Holly (will pay what you ask, if at all possible)
    - Rare Lineage Terrae Hatchies (this means non-tinsel PB even checkers or high-gen PBs who do not have 'Thaleron' (my surname) in lineage)
    - CB Stripes
    - CB Pinks
    - CB Black
    - Low-gen metals/trios
    - Unusual tinsel lines
    - Neglected
    - Hatchies of unusual & beautiful lineages

    Specific lineages I'm looking for:
    - 3rd gen silver from pinkXsilver even lineage
    - 2nd gen silver from stripe father x silver mother
    - 2nd gen fogs from fog father x thunder mother
    - 3rd gen red with CB sweet x red ancestors
    - 2nd gen ember from ember father x magma mother
    - 2nd gen male alt nebula from AltNeb x Terrae

    I also want to warn that the only unbreedable I'll consider are chickens.