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2XiYY.pngI accept IOUs. <3Amity's offspring: Only taking spectacular offers right now.

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    Amity's offspring:
    1. b... -- x Blusang, in return for art of Larkspur.
    Sent: [x] Received: [ ] -- user has left DC. :/

    2. S... -- x Cassare. ♥
    Sent: [X]

    3. s... -- x Gemshard, in return for a copper, two Blusangs, and a Holly
    Sent: [X] Received: [X]

    4. M... -- x Thalassa Xenowyrm in return for two Coppers, a Blusang, and three Gemshards.
    Sent: [X] Received: [X]

    5. Y... -- Pillow prizefail & 2G x Blue Lunar Herald (Pillow to be bred later)
    Sent: [X] [X] Received:
    Copper [X]
    Chrono Xeno [X]
    Aeon Wyvern [X]
    Honey Drake [X] [X]
    Glacewing [X] [X]

    6. A -- x Candelabra, 2 x Xenos and 5 x Aeons
    Sent: [X] Received: [X]

    7. L. -- x Celestial, 1 x ND and 2 x Gold
    Sent: [X] Received: [X]

    Currently: Looking at offers but may do a little breeding for myself in the future. Mostly interested in NDs and golds/silvers for offers at the moment, but could be tempted with enough Xenos/Zyumorphs. Will also take art!


    xx. DE -- x Swallowtail, in return for NDs. -- No contact recently.
    Sent: [ ] Received: [ ]