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    Dragon games!

    Did anyone once play the Drakan games? I vaguely remember my brother playing them. :3
  2. Hmm... I think that's a good point actually. No matter which method (I don't want to say 'theory') you think would make zombies more probably, I don't think poison would work. Because no matter what you think (experimentation/virus/Flight of the Living Dead style-y), they're almost always uniformly dead. And reanimated with a total disregard for personal well-being. Being dead, however, means no blood flow and without that, the poison wouldn't be distributed around the body and wouldn't really have as fatal an impact as it would on a living being. But, meh... Anyone else got something to add? I'm not sure if I explained myself clearly as it is getting late and I'm more than a little tired. ^^;
  3. Really? Wow I would like to see that - if they don't screw it up, that is. 'Twould be quite interesting, seeing it in film form. :3
  4. This. Best book EVAR. (World War Z, by the same author I think, is also a good book.) Well, if you're wanting to survive the Zombie Apocalypse anyways.
  5. Well at least they used to before they stopped decaying. I haven't actually played it since beta went up, but I would presume so. C:
  6. I can't wait either to see what happens/is added! >3< I love Minecraft! <3
  7. I would definitely recommend that you finish the Shivering Isles quest as it is awesome. And the KOTN is really interesting and cool too. But I agree: once you play Fallout 3/Fallout: NV and then go back to Oblivion, it's kinda meh. I end up wanting guns in Oblivion. I think I'll wait until more is released before passing judgement on Skyrim. I just hope it's as good as Oblivion, if not at Morrowind standards.
  8. Kiri-tan


    I love tea in general - I can drink almost any tea. But I absolutely <3 jasmine tea. ^^
  9. Well, maybe it would be the time when I accidentally fell asleep with my (uncovered) hot water bottle next to me and some time in the night I must have moved my elbow against it. Woke up with *huge* blisters and the scab didn't go away for over a month. Or long, long ago when I almost stabbed a pencil right through my cheek. That is I stabbed it into my cheek, but the point had maybe a couple of millimetres to go before it poked through into my mouth. I still have the scar.
  10. I can think of two things that make me cry in Minecraft. 1. Ninja creepers sneaking into your home Dx (one actually blew up almost all of the awesome tree-house that I had made :< ) 2. Accidentally redirecting a lava-fall so that it burns you up and all the goodies you had discovered from mining, including 17 or so diamonds that were the first you'd found on that map T~T
  11. Oblivion is a very cool game. I love playing it as I loved playing Morrowind, it's predecessor. Usually my characters are Assassins (class) although recently I have been making custom classes to spice things up a bit.
  12. Agreed. *shudders* I hated that boss battle - she/it is just such a creepy, mutated, disgusting blob.
  13. My brother bought it when it came out, and I've watched play it on several occasions. I also watched him play the demo of it, and dude it's scary! >.< It actually had us screaming like girls - something that I can be excused for, him not so much - more than once. The storage area and the prison cells are the probably worst parts I've seen. Oh, he's stopped playing it at the cistern/sewers bit. I've tried to get him to finish it, but I don't think he will.