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  2. For the older audience, Hotline Miami is great fun, but for all audiences I recommend peggle, good lord peggle is fun (both can be gotten on steam)
  3. Basically this, as long as nobody directly attacks said artist I think that it's all in good jest and the people who run the tumblr don't mean any harm.
  4. Seeing as I'm stuck because of the lack of Kiyee I'm just going to say a few things, as I don't come around too often anymore. I just wanna say thanks to all of you. You guys gave me a great experience being in this RP, sure I had my lows where I made ridiculous posts and such, but overall it was a great experience, and I enjoyed it. Now I'm not hanging up my coat, I'll check back every now and again. But like I said before Thanks.
  5. I'm kind of stuck until Kiyee posts :/
  6. Zegonor looked at Venus and said "well 'fancy fighting moves' I can teach with rather ease but flying, while I can actually fly I am not the best at it, just look at my state" He sat for a minute, pondering the different moves he could teach, he would have to find a nice, empty area with very few trees to use as practice, he said "We'll need to find a nice, empty, training are, we can fly there so you can show your flying capabilities"
  7. Zegonor looked at Venus at said "so, combining your eyesights and excellent sight you would be very good at scout and attacks from the sky, but I'm here to teach you, not tell you what you already know, sl tell me, what would you like to learn?"
  8. ((Sorry guys! Something came up un-expectedly but I'll be able to post again)) Jorack heard what Crusher said and slowly shuffled to the spot where he could be relatively safe, he knew it was far too early to just give up and let himself melt, he know je could escape this place, one day it would happen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zegonor looked at Venus for some timr, studying her, he then asked "Is there anything you are exceptionally good at? Have you ever been trained before?" He would need to know a few other things, but he would ask when they needed to be answered
  9. Zegonor whispered in to Jorack's ear just before Jorack would walk to his spot "Have fun melting buddy" he then snickered and watched Jorack slowly walk to his certain demise ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jorack slowly and nervously walked to his new home, terrified of what would happen, he laid down finally feeling the heats full affect and screamed in pain
  10. False TPBM has read anything by H.P Lovecraft
  11. Zegonor pushed Jorack ahead into the cave and looked at what had been created, he was almost amazed by it. Jorack looked at this and felt that this would be his ultimate demise, he was trapped in this blistering hot room, and even worse the heat was beginning to make both of the undeads smell as there original corpses
  12. Because LBP2 is the best thing ever
  13. I won a goldfish at a carnival and he lived for about 3 years, his name was Goldy Now I have had other fish but Goldy was the only one I really named
  14. Zegonor sat down and looked at Jorack, making sure he wouldn't run and he said "Want to explain to me why you didn't run or fight back? Doesn't seem like your normal, and foolish self" Jorack looked at him and said "I had nowhere TO run to, I just got un-lucky and happened to run into two undeads and a living dragon"
  15. Jorack was now starting to feel scared, this Venus was insane, he worried that he would be killed within, perhaps only 1 week. He took Crusher's question seriously and said "Well I would honestly prefer..." he thought for a moment, this could determine life or death. "I'd prefer hot" He then got on his paws and began to walk with them ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zegonor began following the group to wherever it was they would go, he trailed behind Jorack as they walked so the pest couldn't escape
  16. Jorack said "Well honestly I think I'm good for a while, I don't plan on becoming a rotting corpse any time soon" "But, if you want me to prove I still have life in me I'll need to know what to do" Jorack realized he wouldn't be able to make any breaks for it any time soon, he would have to wait until an opening ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zegonor said "I'd prefer him to remain alive, much easier to kill him when he hasn't died already; however, seeing him try to live on as a zombie would be rather amusing in my eyes"
  17. You know you've been playing too much Thomas Was Alone when you start giving different shapes personalities
  18. My dragons either have some obscure-stupid quote as a name or some terrible/not funny pun about said name now my lineaged dragons I try to follow the lineages themes as best as I can, but we all mess up in some spots most of my mints are named Peppermint (food with p at start) and thats the only theme i really have
  19. Granted, but computer science becomes un-important as soon as you learn it I wish I was a baller
  20. Granted but you can only do it near the closest volcano I wish I was a little bit taller
  21. Jorack looked at this dragon and said "So, Venus, why is it that you want me, and what are your plans with me? did a zombie tell you to keep me by chance? As that would explain a lot" Jorack tensed up from the claws on his wings, he looked at this Blusang, he wondered what could have drove her to Crushers side...
  22. Zegonor looked over at the scene, how pitiful Jorack looked, unable to move, kept as a pet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jorack looked up at this dragon, there was no use in resisting or lying to this dragon, he looked up and said with the little air he could get with the tail around his neck he said "Jorack, Just Jorack" gasping for the air to say his next few words "And if you're going to keep me I suppose I should know your name" He hoped this dragon would at least provide mercy