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  1. Ok, thank you for telling me, AlternateMew and that's true, oddsoxdi people seem to be faster in getting the eggs. Congrats! I'm happy for you!
  2. Are the droups still going on? I'd like to get two more before they stop.
  3. Ok, thank you for telling me. ^^
  4. Do both the blue egg and the organge egg have the same description?
  5. I'm not sure but I think I have a Dorkface, but i'm not sure. I'd like to see what you think. Here's the Lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/gYTGd
  6. Ok, thank you for telling me.
  7. Why are there no eggs in the cave? I just came back and saw this. I'm guessing I missed the egg dropping?
  8. I didn't an email but oh well. I was expecting that. Congrats to the winners!
  9. I'm worried because I don't know if my tree got into the contest. I remember putting my tree in the contest, but I'm not so sure it worked. I'll have to wait and see.
  10. I think I might have a thuwed but I'm not sure. Can you please take a look? Here's the lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/r1hd
  11. Merry christmas everyone! I've got one '10 holiday egg. ^^ I'm still hoping for a Holly, but I need some of my eggs to hatch first. Which reminds me, two of my christmas eggs are almost ready to hatch! ^^ About an hour. Yay!
  12. Yeah I noticed that, too. Sorry about the long lineage. I got the dragon from the AP. I have a few that have long lineages like that, but I don't think any of them are DF. I looked threw them, just to see and I didn't find anything.
  13. I came apon this a few hours ago and I was looking threw it, reading sone of the post and found it intereseting. I have a dragon that has a very long lineage, but i don't think it's a lost DF. But just to make sure heres the link of the dragons lineage. http://dragcave.net/lineage/8usm
  14. I've seen two Hooly eggs, but I wasn't fast enough to get them Now I can't wait untill I see another one
  15. I've never seen a Holly before. What's it look like?
  16. Thank you. That's what I thought, but I wasn't to sure.
  17. Um, I'm, going to sound like an idiot, but what does AP stand for?
  18. This sounds exciting. This is my first chirstmas with DC and i can't wait for the new dragons ^^
  19. I discovered this site a few days ago and i love how it works. It's saved a few of my eggs as well. It helps me get a lot of views. This site is great.
  20. I like this site. I'll make sure to use it a lot in the future.
  21. I added my hatchlings just a few minutes ago. I really like the site. I also like that you don't have to put the link of the egg/hatchling. you can just type in the scroll name. I really like this site. ^^
  22. This site is amazing. It's helped a lot of my eggs hatch. I love how it's so simple and that you can choose which egg/hatchling to put on it. It's a great site ^^