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  1. Yeah, the white and blank look good. The colour of the vien really shows in that one.
  2. I have to agree as well, the cycler was easier to see before. The egg colour kinda disappears into the background in this new one.
  3. I want to be an official breeder! Forum name:Erinthebookworm Scrol Name(Make scroll link):Scroll~ PM link:PM~ Do you breed certain lineages/type of avatars? If so, specify please. I bred for all three, since I have three GoN. I do like to, when breeding for destruction, pair one of my GoN with my Pyro Xenowyrm. My GoN are also named to show which of the three are normally bred to make which avatar.
  4. Everyone who's having difficulties catching the new eggs, I'll be happy to help you, in a few hours. I have some chores to do first and I am currently egg locked (I thought it was a good idea to start building up my pinks, since I need more influencers and all my red dragons are on cool down). I'll be good to go in a few hours to start helping!
  5. I saw, thank you. On another note, the eggs seem to be showing up more.
  6. I was wondering, what's the difference between a z code and other codes? I've been seeing many people asking for eggs/hatchies coded z.
  7. I knew there where others who have been helping, I just didn't remember all their names. I'll go back and edit my pervious post to add your and anyone else's name I find. I'm sorry for glossing over your effort.
  8. Threw all the fusteration, I think one shining light here is Cellybean, Raptor of Dragons, Pryanka, and the others who are helping those who are having difficulties. I'd be helping too, if I could see the eggs in the cave. On the off chance I'm able to grab one, I'll be trading it with someone else. Also, to those who want breed ones, I'll be happy to bred mine with any dragon you see my scroll. (Just make note that if linages are something you care about, some of my dragons have really long messy ones). Anyway, I'm on mobile right now, so I'll jump on my computer after I get chores done and start hunting seriously then.
  9. You are probably right on that, considering I have a poor memory. Still, I think most have lasted for more than 4 hours. The view bombing was also a contributor to how little there seems to be now.
  10. From my experience it normally takes a day for the new releases to start mixing in. (Then again, I wasn't here for the Xenowyrms so....) and rare eggs drop in all biomes. These eggs will probably be uncommon, which considering how many people have rotten luck with getting eggs doesn't really change anything.
  11. I concur. From what I've seen, what normally happens is the flood lasts for 24 hours before the old eggs start mixing in.
  12. Fair enough. I apoligize for assuming. However, I still don't think you should be throwing shade at people who are less fortunate then you are.
  13. Just throwing my two cents in, but you seem to forget something important. Not everyone has amazingly fast internet like you do. Some of us have to wait a minute for pages to load, in which case all the new dragon eggs get taken by the time the page loads. Just because you can afford amazingly fast internet and have great reflexes doesn't mean everyone else does. Just something to keep in mind. Edit: Before you start pointing fingers at the fire gem dragons I have, the only reason I have them now is because I got lucky and I have decently fast internet.
  14. I'd be trying for the last blue egg I need for the pairs, but I'm egg locked right now. (Anyone mind getting a pink in exchanage for a blue fire gem? ((Joking but also kinda serious))) I'll probably have mine up for breeding when they mature, and give out the eggs to people who need them.
  15. Omg, those adults are amazing!!! I love them both! Can't wait to see the other colours.
  16. Oh okay, thank you. I'm having a slow day at work, so I figured I'd drop and take a look.
  17. What's dropping right now? And when is the next green drop?
  18. Well, I'm just about to give it up for now. All I need to complete my pairs is one green, but at this rate, I'll be here all night. Oh well, I'm happy with what I've got either way. Good luck to everyone else still hunting, I hope you get the eggs your looking for!
  19. Wow, I've been trying for 30 minutes and I have only seen one vein in the cave. o.o Wow, these go fast. Maybe I should wait a few days for it to calm down. I'll still attempt though, but I have pretty bad reflexes. Well, at least I got one green.
  20. I'm waiting for one of my eggs to hatch, so I can go grab another green one (the only one I'm missing) so I can go play Stardew Valley, but these crystal eggs seem very stubborn on hatching (could just be mine though >>) Edit: so I just checked and it looks like I have time! I'll be back for the green eggs!
  21. I guess I meant the flood in my last post. Anyway, I don't thing I'll manage to get my last green I need to complete the set. Oh well, I can always try later. Still, these dragons are beautiful!
  22. How long will the new dragons be dropping for? Is there still tomorrow left?
  23. I accidentally picked up another blue. I thought it was going to be red this hour, my bad. Since I had three blues, I abandoned one, so to whoever finds it in the Ap, I hope you like it! The cycling colours is such a creative idea, and as much as I love it, it's also fusterating, especially when I'm on mobile when the DC time isn't sitting in front of my face. Ah well, I'll manage.
  24. I was trying to fill out my encyclopedia, so needless to say I was egg locked. I ended up abandoning the few eggs I didn't need. Those crystal eggs are going fast, though. I've only been able to catch one green one. Oh well.
  25. I got to the end, only getting stuck in a few spots (my fault, since I've never play a test based game before and didn't know the correct commands) still I had fun! I love the romantic ending, though. I'm such a romantic and being ace just adds to that~ Will there by more tomorrow? I look forward to it!